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Why Would Anyone Get Paid for an Opinion?

Have you seen the Microsoft Windows 7 television commercials? They portray ordinary people who provided information to Microsoft about the features they wanted in the new Windows operating system. That information was most likely collected by a marketing research firm hired do an online survey.

Every respondent of those surveys was able to get paid for an opinion because they were providing valuable marketing information to Microsoft. Almost every business, both large and small, has paid a marketing firm to conduct surveys for them at some point in their history. They don’t want the multimillion dollar mistake that the telephone company made in the late 1960s. They thought they knew what their customers wanted. So Bell labs built a video phone in 1969 and manufactured hundreds of them.

Guess what happened? The public refused to even consider using these video phones because they saw it as an invasion of their privacy. Bell lost millions. In the decades that have followed, most businesses would never consider making a product without conducting market research.

Paid online surveys are an excellent opportunity to earn a second income at home. It is the perfect job for stay at home mothers, retired people, students and the physically handicapped. All you need to get started is a computer, an internet connection, an email address, some free time and an opinion.

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