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Where to Source Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale Products and Sources

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Why get into wholesale jewelry?

Jewelry is a huge market, especially online. It makes a great gift, either for yourself or for a friend or loved one. Plus it’s universal – jewelry is recognized by cultures all over the world as a symbol of wealth and well being, and as a reflection of personal style so there is plenty of room to make money in selling jewelry!

Is wholesale jewelry hard to source?

Sourcing jewelry is not difficult. There are hundreds of online wholesalers who you can easily get in touch with and buy from, however, filtering out the sub-standard ones and finding the very best suppliers, can be difficult. When you meet with or talk to suppliers, here is what you should look out for:

  • Excellent customer service. There is nothing worse than a supplier who doesn’t reply to emails or return your calls. Make sure customer service is something your supplier takes very seriously.
  • A perfect record. For online suppliers, you can conduct a search on them on the Better Business Bureau’s site which can tell you if the site has had complaints laid against them. If the complaints are all about product quality, this indicates that they might not be the best supplier to work with.
  • Suppliers with a wide range of products. This will not only help with your jewelry selling as you can have a broad range of items for sale, but also because further down the track, you may want to expand your product range and if you already have a great supplier, you’ll be one step ahead. As a repeat customer, you should be able to get their rock-bottom prices too!

Sourcing anything can be tricky, particularly for first-timers so it is important to do plenty of research before you dive right in and invest a lot of money in buying stock which you aren’t 100% sure will sell. To avoid this dreaded situation, you will need to spend a lot of time researching the jewelry market by looking at which products sell best.

Check out the SaleHoo Research Labs, which will give you an exciting insight to the current selling trends on eBay. Even if you are not planning on selling your jewelry on eBay, it’s still a first-rate way to see what people are buying.

Alternatively, talk to suppliers about which products are top sellers, they can be a great source of information and asking them can also give you an idea of how helpful they are in giving out information and answering your enquiries.

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