What Kind of Finder’s Fees Are Possible?

Finders Fee Fortune

How would you like to earn $75,000 per month for 5 years? One Finder did. He saw an item in a newsletter offering 10,000 barrels of Crude Oil per day for 5 years. Putting that seller together with a buyer at a small refinery, he earned a fee of only 25¢ per barrel, and collected his fee of $75,000 every month for 5 years.”

Finder’s Fees: The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make
by J. F. (Jim) Straw

In 1969, a Floridian made $65,000 on a single sale of a European antique collection. Again, his “pay-off” was a Finder’s fee.”

How To Make A Fortune In Finders’ Fees: A Comprehensive Guide To The Only World-Wide Business You Can Start Anywhere With Less Than A $200.00 Initial Investment
by Jack Payne

What’s the biggest fee we ever heard of earned by a financial broker/finder? The biggest fee we’ve been told of (in writing) is nearly $2-million for placing one $167-million loan.”

Big And Easy Moneymaking Ideas For Finders, Beginning Wealth Builders And Licensing Agents
by Tyler Hicks

Of course, these results are not typical. Most people won’t make any money at all.

Finders Fee Fortune: How To Make a Fortune in Finder’s Fees

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