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What Kind of Dropship Products Are Available Online?

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One of the reasons why online entrepreneurs turn to dropshipping products is that there’s such diversity in the offerings to retailers. Let’s say Sally wants to open an online discount wedding supply. She obviously doesn’t want to set up a manufacturing facility – she just hopes to come up with an attractive catalog or website to send potential customers to.

Her biggest job would be to find and line up manufacturers that would be able to supply the various items for her catalog. This takes some research and the Internet is very useful for that. Once she contacts the manufacturers and sets up an account, she can then focus on designing a web presence.

Or let’s say Ken wants to sell a special kind of herb or vitamin supplement to go along with his exercise business. He can find a manufacturer that offers both readymade and custom made supplements. What’s even more special is that Ken can have his own brand name label designed. The dropshipper will then take his order and label and ship to his customer for him.

Have you dreamed of offering your own specialty electronics business? So have others and because of this, manufacturers are available to make and fulfill your order. Joe likes the idea of selling hard to find computer equipment. He can locate the suppliers and line up accounts with them. Then all he has to do is create a catalog and/or website to make it all available to his potential customers.

As you can see, dropshipping can be the answer to those many questions a retail sales business has. Do you want to specialize in hard to find old fashioned toys? Look up handcrafted toys manufacturers. Do you envision yourself as being the source for all things pink? Again, there are manufacturers that supply that niche.

Dropshipping sort of crosses over into affiliate marketing and the two can complement each other very well. For example, if your website is all about California backcountry trails, then you can have a custom made trail mix just with your label dropshipped to your customers – but also have hiking and backpacking equipment from all on the same site.

Do you see the possibilities? You come up with the idea. You find the dropshippers and suppliers for it. You design the website or catalog. You come up with ways to get your customer to see your site and voila! You’re in business.

But do you notice that there’s a big portion of the equation missing? The manufacturing and shipping of the product, which is handled by your dropshippers. This just about as close to a perfect business model as you can get. It will take some homework on your part to line up solid, reputable sources. But once that part is done, you’re in business.

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