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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Every business can use some help from time to time. Virtual assistants have created a niche in the area of business assistance. This article describes the attributes of a virtual assistant.

First, let’s talk about what a virtual assistant is not. A virtual assistant is not a secretary. They are not beck-and-call people. And, they can do more than take dictation. A virtual assistant will not buy birthday presents for your kids or your spouse, unless that is a part of the skill set that they offer.

Virtual assistants are executive assistants who have parlayed their expertise into a business. They cater to the small business client, but will work with larger companies. At first, the virtual assistant performed duties consistent with executive assistants, but then they expanded repertoire with non-traditional skills.

A virtual assistant doesn’t have to be in the same office as his or her client. Work is delegated and delivered via email, fax, telephone, and snail mail. A virtual assistant is not limited in the methods used to complete the work.

As a business professional, a virtual assistant works to form a relationship between their business and that of the client. Meshing compatible work styles is important to how well a virtual assistant can perform for the client. Both parties develop an understanding.

A virtual assistant is a business owner. Their goals are the same as yours. They want to grow their business and make money by providing a viable product. In the case of a virtual assistant, the “product” is actually a service to other business owners.

The virtual assistant handles administrative work and other details as dictated by the client. Virtual assistants are hired by the hour and can earmark a certain number of hours per month to a client for their work. They have several clients but make their reputation on treating each one like the only one.

Virtual assistants range from greenhorns just getting into the profession to corporate types who want to work for themselves. Along with each virtual assistant goes a wealth of experience in various fields that can benefit any business looking for help.

Before hiring a virtual assistant, check to see who is available out there that meets your particular criteria. To find this type of professional support, look online for virtual assisting directories. They list the credentials and expertise of virtual assistants. You can find the person who will work best for you and your business.

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