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Venture Capital Millions Kit

Tyler G. Hicks | International Wealth Success, Inc.

Venture Capital Millions Kit is a complete guide to raising venture capital for yourself or others. Includes:

  • The One-hour Venture Capital Financing Breathrough
  • Venture Capital: A Concise Handbook
  • Venture Capital: Radical New Road to Wealth
  • Venture Capital Sources
  • Directory of Venture Capital and Business Angel Investment Clubs
  • Loan Broker Business Plan
  • and more

Key topics covered in the Venture Capital Funding Kit include:

  • How Venture Capital and Business Angel Funding Work
  • How to Become a Deal-maker: Securing Venture Capital for New and Established Businesses
  • How to Identify and Qualify Potential Clients and VC Firms
  • How to Pitch a Business to Venture Capitalists Most Effectively
  • How to Prepare a VC-targeted Executive Summary and Business Plan, with examples
  • Venture Capital Case Studies and Examples
  • A Complete Business Plan to Jump Start Your Finance Business

More than 200 pages, 8.5×11 in., $100.00.

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