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Tips and Tricks to Evaluate How Worthwhile a Paid Survey Is

While paid surveys are certainly gaining in popularity, there is one problem that is constantly faced by people who want to profit from them.

Simply put, there is no ‘standard’ rate of payment when it comes to paid surveys. Where one survey might offer $5 for what amounts to 10 minutes worth of work, another may be offering $5 for an hour’s worth of work! Needless to say, if you had to choose between the two of those you’d probably opt for the former!

But how do you know how worthwhile a paid survey is?

Let’s look at some simple rules that could help you determine whether or not a paid survey is worth your time or not:

1. How valuable is your time?

If you can assign a value to your time, you’re going to find that the entire evaluation process is a whole lot easier. For example, if you figure that an hour of your time is worth $30 that means that 10 minutes is worth $5.

So based on that you can easily evaluate whether or not a paid survey is worth completing or not. Of course, this only works when the incentive offered is in the form of cash, otherwise you’re going to have to estimate the cash-equivalent worth of whatever incentive is being offered.

2. Cash-equivalent worth of incentives

Just a second ago, we mentioned this concept, and it is one that you’re going to be using throughout your evaluation – anytime that anything non-cash-like pops up, really.

Estimating how valuable an item is can be difficult, just as estimating how much a discount voucher is worth can be tough too. Just come up with a rough estimate if you can’t figure out a specific figure.

3. Some cash is better than no cash

If you can’t evaluate how valuable your time is, or you simply just want to make as much money as possible, you should follow the principle above. As long as you’re making some cash, it’s better than no cash.

Just be sure to opt for whatever allows you to make the most amount of cash possible!

Basically, from the tips and tricks above you should be able to quite easily see how you can evaluate just how worthwhile any given paid survey is. Naturally, you’ll come across quite a few paid surveys that are simply not worth your time.

But eventually you’ll definitely find more and more of those that do fit your expectations, ideally.

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