Make Money with Amateur Photography

In today’s economy, everyone could use a little extra money. If you already have a full-time job, you don’t have to look for another one. One of your hobbies, such as photography, could provide the income you need. More and more people are turning to the Internet for money-making opportunities in this trying economy. There … Read more

What You Can and Cannot Take Photos of Legally

Anyone interested in starting a career in photography needs to understand that there are limits to what they are allowed to take photos of. For example, you cannot just go out and start taking pictures of people in their homes and sell them off as stock photos of domestic life. You will get in trouble … Read more

Three Things to Look for in Your Photographs

Photography is a hobby practiced my millions of people around the world and something that any number of people enjoy on a daily basis. However, the effective use of a camera to start making a living is something entirely different than using a cheap digital camera at a soccer game. For individuals who are interested … Read more

The Secret to Stock Photography Sales

If you want to make a living by selling stock photographs, you need to fully understand what people are looking for, what they are willing to pay for, and what you are going to get paid for your work. To start with, you are not going to make a fortune by selling photographs in small … Read more