The ‘Game’ Is Changing, Are You?

John Reese

by John Reese

It’s happening. Again.

The Internet marketing ‘game’ is rapidly changing… again.

Email marketing is under attack like never before…

Pending legislation. Spam filters. Email overload.

Internet users’ inboxes are full. They are loaded with junk and they are tired of the hassle. Opt-in rates are on the decline — and they will continue to fall.

So the cries are coming from many Internet marketing circles…

“Email marketing is dying — it’s only a matter of time.”

That’s right. Many people see Email marketing dying completely. Many marketers are already positioning themselves to do business without it.

Why are they preparing to do without it? Because it’s just going to be too much of a hassle to get people to opt-in. And if that’s not enough, it’s going to be such a hassle to get around spam laws, filters, and other nuisances.


Do you want to know what *I’m* planning on doing?

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