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Selling Wholesale Products on eBay: Is It Hard?

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For some, selling wholesale products on eBay may prove a wonderful supply of products to sell. It is not hard to sell wholesale goods, however it does take a few extra steps.

You will have to contact your tax advisor or your local Small Business Association for advice as to whether or not you should get your sales tax ID number. Likely you will need one, however I am not an expert in this area and also each state regulation is different.

I would encourage you to stay away from using a drop shipper to sell goods on eBay. A drop shipper is a third party who holds the inventory and is responsible to ship the goods to the customer after you pay the company to do so.

Buyers want their goods within a few days of the sale. Unless you have a good rapport and know the drop shipper ships the item right away, you could run into problems with your feedback due to slow shipping or because the item arrived damaged or not at all.

Decide what you would like to sell. My advice is sell something that isn’t terribly time consuming to ship. Ideally is should be something with a low probability of damage during shipment (fine china would have a high probability). You should also consider items that are not terribly heavy or bulky. Opt for simplicity.

If you are not certain what type of wholesale products you would like to sell on eBay, merely do a search for “wholesale suppliers”. You will get a slew of results to select from. Each supplier will have individual terms. Some require a minimum purchase, ranging from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand.

A word of caution: do your homework first. If you choose to make a sizable investment in wholesale inventory you want to know that it will sell and at a decent profit. Consider the cost of goods sold, including all involved expenses.

Don’t be like Will Smith in the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. He invested his life savings purchasing a host of bone density machines to resell. The unsold machines didn’t exactly deliver him the good life he had envisioned.

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