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Plotting the Advancement of Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys at Home

For ages, surveys have been used as a marketing tool to gather data about a particular group of people from a certain demographic (read: market!). By identifying trends within a certain market, companies are then able to target their products and services to more specifically suit that market.

In short, they’re able to tailor what they have to offer to meet the demands of the market. Seeing as ‘selling what people want to buy’ is one of the oldest marketing tricks ever, it does make sense that such research data is not just necessary –it is essential!

Cutting a long story short, surveys have long since been employed for this purpose, but until very recently they were mostly handed out manually on paper, and filled in using pencils. Needless to say, this process was tedious in its own right, as people actually had to distribute, collect, and then tally the data from these surveys manually.

With the internet, all of that has changed.

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