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AdSense Strategies – Page Placement and Block Size

You can increase your AdSense revenue when you know which ad blocks to use and where to put the ads on your page. In part 13 of Joel Comm’s AdSense Secrets live presentation, he reveals the blocks and placement that bring the greatest clickthrough rate. Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur who has […]

What’s the Best Article Marketing Strategy?

Everything in Internet marketing has a strategy attached to it. Whether you’re talking about graphics or joint ventures or an article marketing strategy, you want to have a plan of attack in place before you embark on a campaign that could cost you time, money or both. With article marketing, two primary factors are involved […]

Top 10 Tips for Selling on eBay

Written by © All Rights Reserved 1. Start small. If you’re anything like me, once you have a good idea you want to put it into action immediately! Although you probably know in theory that any business takes 12-18 months to become established, somehow you still hope that you can get there in 2! […]

7 Mistakes that Doom Your Membership Site

Starting a membership site is a smart business move, but only if you do it right. Every month dozens of people start membership sites only to shut them down just a few months later. Often the failed site ruins their reputation because they didn’t deliver what they promised to members. In other cases, they didn’t […]

Using YouTube for Viral Marketing

Until YouTube came along, there was no social networking site that promoted user content in the form of video. This niche has catapulted YouTube to the forefront as a leading social networking site. Because of its ease of use and popularity, YouTube has become a launch pad for many business viral marketing campaigns as well.

7 Affiliate Marketing Companies You Should Know

As an affiliate marketer, there are many companies that offer commissions for promoting products. But there are 7 specific affiliate marketing companies you should know that have a great reputation and many products to choose from.

Building Your Income with Blogs

Blogs are a fantastic way to make money. They perform well in search engines, they’re easy to promote, and they can offer very sticky content. If you blog often, and you’re good at what you do, you could develop a pretty large following of readers who subscribe to your RSS feed and read your content […]

Promoting Your Blog

Everyone says that having a blog on your site is a great way of getting traffic to your website. So you installed a blog and started to post on a regular basis. Now, how exactly does it get all this great traffic? There really isn’t anything magical about a blog where traffic is concerned. A […]

Making Sure You Adhere to Affiliate TOS

When you decide to become an affiliate marketer, you’ll have the opportunity to promote many different types of products. You can promote tangible products or intangible ones. It’s important to learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing in the beginning of your journey – but there’s one very important thing you should make […]

How to Make Affiliate Links

Making affiliate links is very easy. First, you want to go to the site and register for a free affiliate (or associate) ID. On ClickBank, they call it a nickname. On Amazon, it’s an associate ID, and on PayDotCom, it’s your affiliate member username. On, you’ll go to the marketplace, which is the link […]

Watch Out For Income Promises

One of the cautions Internet marketer Terry Dean gives you when looking at potential ways to work online is to watch out for those who concentrate primarily on counting their own money.

Forget Google! 5 Tips For Alternative SEO

Google is truly the giant of the internet world. Ask any internet marketer, whether they’re PPC or affiliate based, and they’ll tell you how incredibly powerful the number one post on Google truly is. Instead of slaving with paid advertising campaigns, lengthy underground marketing strategies, and other needless work, ranking number one on Google can […]

Great Content – The Secret Of High AdSense Revenues

by Joel Comm There are two ways to think about AdSense: you can think of it as a way to use your website to make money; and you can think of it as a way to make money with a website. What’s the difference?

Creating Multiple Streams of Affiliate Marketing Income

Have you ever heard or read the phrase “multiple streams of income” before? Do you know what this phrase means? For many businessmen, creating multiple streams of income online or offline is one way of securing themselves as well as their businesses in the future. They also believe that it can also save them from […]

Dominating Your Niche With Twitter

Dominating a niche with Twitter is something many people dream of doing. This works well when many people in a particular niche are on Twitter — at this moment this includes the younger generations. This has been brought into the mainstream by celebrities like Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and Oprah. This is a great thing […]

Marketing VS. Networking on Twitter

It’s unfortunate that some people are using Twitter as a spam tool. That’s why it’s essential for you to understand the difference between spamming, marketing, and networking on Twitter. First things first — why are you on Twitter? If you’re an Internet marketer, the chances are good that you hope to either make sales or […]

Building a Killer Email List From Scratch (Infographic)

Why Build It? Getting Started Getting Bigger Keep It Going See Building a Killer Email List From Scratch (Infographic) Here!

The Profit Potential of Fiction Book Publishing

Most fictions writers know that the chance of becoming a multi-millionaire from publishing a book has about as much likelihood of happening as winning the lottery. The success of writers such as Tom Clancy rarely happens. It’s becoming more and more difficult to realize true monetary success from having a work of fiction published by […]

How and Why of Giving Away Free Domain Names

by J. Stephen Pope Perhaps you already know that it is possible to get a free domain name. However, have you ever wondered how a country can afford to give away its domain names for free? Why would a country just give away its domain names instead of charging for them?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Product Reviews | Beating Adwords | Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots | Adwords Manifesto

Find Out The Truth About Today’s Leading PPC Products And Learn The REAL Secrets to Pay Per Click Pay Per Click marketing is simply the fastest way to test campaigns for profitability — and to keep them profitable. The only problem is that it can be incredibly intimidating to get started. Even those who have […]

The 5 Most Important Things You Must Know About AdSense

by Joel Comm Whether you’re just starting out with AdSense or whether you’ve been using it for years, the success of your ads will depend on knowing five absolutely essential pieces of information about AdSense:

To Follow or Not to Follow

When you are building your Twitter network, one of the big things you need to consider is who to follow and who not to follow. Some people follow everyone who follows them, but if you are using Twitter to grow and promote your business, you will need to have a bit more strategy than that. […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Membership Site

Membership sites are one of the best online business models that you can use. There are many different types of membership sites that you can start so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make them part of your Internet marketing strategy. Reselling information to your market on a monthly basis is a smart way to […]

The Expert Guide to Article Marketing

The Essential Guide for All Article Marketers Table Of Contents: Article Marketing Explained The 4 Things ALL Articles Must Have How to Create an Outline For All of Your Article 5 Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Juices Going What to Do Before Submitting To Article Directories Red Hot Tips To Get Your Articles Read […]

The ClickBank E-Commerce Solution

by J. Stephen Pope can offer you multiple solutions for your e-commerce business. Here are some of the advantages of using ClickBank.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing for Online Business Owners

When you are in business for yourself, especially one that is conducted online, you’ll find there are a number of different things for you to learn about that can save you time and make you money. Outsourcing is by far one of the more exciting things to discover and put to use. All too common […]

The Benefits of a PLR Membership

Smart marketers that are on a budget know that one of the best ways to get top quality articles, eBooks, audios and more on a monthly basis go with a PLR membership site. The advantages of ready to go PLR delivered to your email or downloaded from a membership site each month are many. In […]

Why Linkedin Is the Social Media for Business

Internet marketer Terry Dean explains why every business owner should be on Linkedin and how to get started making connections in your industry.

3 Different Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Choosing how to monetize your blog is a huge decision! There are many different options and it can be difficult to judge which type your readers will respond to most. Take a look at these different options, and make your choice with your readers and the market overall in mind. Option 1: Adsense Adsense is […]

Getting Even More Profit from Your List Members

Hopefully as you start list building, you will begin to make a great income. However, there is always MORE money to be made! That’s why it’s best to take it to the next level once you start to feel comfortable with how things are going. The first thing you want to do is examine which […]

Your Logo on Your Car or Your Clothes: Wear it Proudly

You’ve probably seen someone drive by with a big magnet on the side of their car that tells the world to check out Or you’ve seen someone wearing a shirt with their favorite website on it. Why not you? Are you ready to tell the world (even the people in your day to day […]

How To Really Profit from Domain Names

by J. Stephen Pope Have you heard about domain names that sold for over a million dollars? Inspired by this, you imagine registering a great domain name, hanging onto it for a while, and then selling it off to become the next multi-millionaire. It could happen, but don’t count on it!

Testing Conversion Rates

Split testing is the process of testing conversion rates by sending traffic to multiple versions of a sales page or squeeze page. This can be done manually, or it can be automated with software. The important thing is to have a very good tracking system in place.

Top 7 Click2Sell Advantages for Merchants and Affiliates

by J. Stephen Pope Here are seven good reasons why both merchants and affiliate marketers should consider the Click2Sell marketplace.

You Need to Monetize Your Website Properly

Super affiliate marketer Rosalind Gardner reviews a site that could be great if only it were monetized properly.

The Expert Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Essential Guide for All Would-Be Affiliate Marketers Table Of Contents: Affiliate Marketing Introduced The 3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive Online How To Become A Super Affiliate In Niche Markets So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose? Which Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting Easy Profits Using PPC […]

Climbing Mount Profit (Starting From The Top)

by John Reese I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life. I started my journey as an entrepreneur at age 11. Ironically, it was running a BBS (bulletin board system) with a computer, a 300 baud modem, and a phone line in 1981. (BBSs essentially became the Internet that we know today.) It […]

Steps to Choosing a ClickBank Product to Promote

After you’ve decided to become an affiliate with ClickBank, it is time to choose your niche. There are a variety of factors that go into doing this. First and foremost, you need to be sure that the type of product you are going to promote is something that people will want to buy.

StudioPress Footer Affiliate Links

WAY too many bloggers lose potential affiliate commissions when they don’t change their StudioPress footer links. In this video, Rosalind Gardner shows you how to do that using Genesis Hooks. Author’s Resource: Video by Rosalind Gardner, author of the best-selling The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People’s Stuff […]

Using PLR to Help Boost Your Productivity as an Affiliate

If there’s one thing you need more of online as an affiliate, it’s time. There are so many tasks you have to complete when you’re promoting other people’s products, like creating content, traffic generation, and more.

Should You Stick or Quit?

Seth Godin is a well-known marketer who wrote a little book called The Dip: When to Quit and When to Stick. The book talks about when you should keep working at something, and when you should just give up and call it a day. Seth says the common saying about winners never quitting and quitters […]

Finding Powerful Online Markets

Affiliate marketers everywhere are searching for the products that are red hot, desired by every consumer and ready to be purchased right away. The problem is, these products rarely seem to come along. For every iPod, there are hundreds of failing mp3 players. For every master affiliate product, there are thousands of products that only […]

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) for Increased Traffic

Pay Per Click (also referred to as PPC) is a method of generating web traffic that involves paying for each of your visitors. Usually you pay anywhere from 10 cents to several dollars for a web visitor. Like all traffic methods, this can be a very effective method of generating traffic or it could really […]

Where Will You Stake Claim to Your Piece of Online Real Estate?

When it comes to starting your work at home business, few things are more intimidating than creating your very own website – especially if you don’t know your way around the technical side of things. While there are many terrific options out there for new or inexperienced business owners, getting started can have some hassles. […]

The Expert Guide to Cashing In on eBay

A Fun Guide to Cashing In on the Internet’s Top Auction Site   Table Of Contents: Welcome to eBay and Tons of Income Opportunities! What You Need to Know Before Getting Started 5 Easy Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction An eBay Seller’s Checklist What’s Your eBay Reputation Really Worth? 10 Steps to Successful […]

Choosing a Niche to Build a List In

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as you decide to build the list is which niche you should focus on. There are literally thousands of niches out there, so there is no one right answer to this question. You might have some idea of which niche you want to focus on […]

Are Keywords the Only Key to a Successful PPC Campaign?

Keywords are a very important part of a pay per click (PPC) campaign in your business, but unfortunately, it’s not the only thing you need to keep in mind to make it a success. Here are a few other things that will need your attention as well to make a PPC campaign successful: The landing […]

Get Paid Promoting Paid Survey Sites

You can get paid to take online surveys at paid survey sites that are used for consumer product marketing research. That is a pretty neat way to make a little extra money to buy the things you normally could not afford. To become a paid online survey taker, you will need a computer, an internet […]

Blog and Make Money

Do you have something to say? Well, the internet is the perfect forum for your opinions. But, don’t just voice your views, make money doing it as well. The great thing about the internet is that an enterprising person can always find a way to make money there. You are connected with literally millions of […]

How Do You Know What’s Hot and What’s Not?

While eBay is a very user friendly vessel to sell your goods, not everything sells. To avoid wasting your time and money, take some time to research what’s hot and what’s not. Read How Do You Know What’s Hot and What’s Not?

DOUBLE Your Profits Now!

by John Reese I just thought I would share a little “wisdom” with you that I learned the “hard” way over the past 12 years of running online businesses. Hopefully, some of you will be able to benefit right away from what took me YEARS to figure out and finally DO. It was the major […]

Great! So Now Your Web Site *Sounds* Like Crap

by John Reese Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that Armand Morin’s AudioGenerator service is taking the industry by storm. It’s not just because it allows you to add audio to your web pages. Heck, there are some much cheaper ways to do that. It’s because he’s made it brain-dead-simple to do […]

Top 10 Ways to Promote Any Membership Site

You can build the best membership site in the world but if you don’t promote it, you won’t make any money from your best laid plans. The following tips will keep the traffic flowing to your website and your income growing by leaps and bounds. No matter what type of membership site you have, you’ll […]

Track Customer Response with an Autoresponder Service

by J. Stephen Pope Another powerful reason for making the switch from using the unlimited autoresponders that come free with your web hosting account to paying a monthly fee for an autoresponder service is tracking capability.

Recognizing Which Guides Will Catapult Your Success Forward

I’m not going to name names here but there are some Internet marketing guides on the market that can seriously waste your time and money – as well as some that will literally grow your business as if you had a personal mentor standing right beside you. There’s a process you have to have for […]

How To Write A Newsletter Without Doing ALL The Hard Work!

By Michael Green Full Title: THE NEWSLETTER EXPLOSION How To Write A Newsletter Without Doing ALL The Hard Work! Newsletters have become an increasingly popular way to communicate and it isn’t hard to see why. Back in the days when printing was the only method of publishing a newsletter, the rules were different. The production […]

Using the Law of Attraction to Bring Wealth and Happiness

Whether you believe there are cosmic energies that can bring you wealth and happiness, or you think that’s just a bunch of baloney, the principles that the law of attraction is based on can help you get through many ups and downs that come along with being in the Internet marketing industry. Contine reading Using […]

Article Marketing Strategies in the World of Web 2.0

To understand the importance of article marketing strategies in computer language, take a look at a mighty oak tree. Or rather, take a look at the roots of the tree. The older and stronger the tree is, the further spread out the roots will be. To stand firm and not get blown over in the […]

AdSense Secrets Live with Joel Comm #4

Learn the secrets to making money with Google AdSense. In part #4, Joel Comm talks about his AdSense history. From just a few dollars each day to over $500/day in AdSense revenue. Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for more than 20 years. Joel is co-creator of, now […]

More Wasted Online Real Estate

by John Reese In a very recent newsletter (two days ago) I wrote to tell you about maximizing the income from your web sites by making sure you use every available piece of “online real estate”. It’s time to tell you about another “place” that you can use right now to make more profit from […]

How to Profit with a Direct Sales Web Site

“Steal” the marketing strategies of an ordinary guy who is raking in an extraordinary $23,850 PER DAY on the Internet!

7 Things You Need To Do To Optimize Your Blog For The Search Engines

Optimizing your blog for the search engines is crucial! There are so many different blogs out there that you’ll quickly sink to the bottom if you don’t optimize. Follow these seven tips and you’ll be well on your way to high rankings. #1 – Create the Right Permalink Structure The permalinks WordPress uses by default […]

Pay Per Click Internet Advertising — 3 Things You Must Know

Diving into the world of pay per click Internet advertising can be intimidating. In fact, it is so intimidating at times that some businesses are not making use of it at all. This is a mistake as it is one of the best ways to make money online and drive traffic to your business’ website. […]

Brainstorming Ideas to Create Your Information Product Empire

When you make the decision to market information products on the ‘net, your first step is in conducting some niche research to see which target audience could provide you with a virtual goldmine of profits. You can’t just come up with a single idea for a narrow niche audience and expect that to be enough […]

Donating Prizes to a Contest for Traffic Generation

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website is by donating a prize to a contest held on someone else’s website.

WP Themes That Work Best for Affiliates

When you’re an affiliate marketer, you can’t just pick a great product to promote and assume the sales will come pouring in. Every detail about your site will matter – from the search engine optimization you do to your persuasion abilities in the text you create. One thing that makes a strong impact on whether […]

When Should I Kill a Blog?

Are you a serial blogger? Do you have multiple blogs to go along with all of your different projects? This is a great idea since blogs are a great relationship and traffic builder. Managing multiple blogs over time can become a challenge to even the most prolific blogger. Sometimes you start a blog with good […]

Digital Download Dollars

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a product owner, you get to choose how much you get paid to promote something. As a product owner, obviously you set the price. As an affiliate, you seek out products that have a good commission. Digital downloads usually have a much better payout than tangible goods. Of course, […]

Forum Marketing at Its Best

Forum marketing is an excellent way to market products for free. But there are a few tricks to marketing on forums without getting banned. You have to be careful not to do any blatant advertising or you’ll probably get banned very quickly. The first thing you should do when you’re new to a forum is […]

The First Follow-Up E-Mail

Making that first follow-up e-mail to your list can seem like a daunting thing to do. You’ve gotten people to sign up, and now it’s time to warm them up. In some ways, this first e-mail is the most difficult because first impressions really do count for a lot. Thankfully, in many cases, the first […]

Don’t Let Negative Feedback on eBay Get You Down

by J. Stephen Pope Remember the student in school who complained (or even cried) because they only got a ninety-nine percent mark on an assignment or test. Meanwhile, some of us were relieved (if not ecstatic) to have merely passed. I actually witnessed one case where the math student insisted that he was not wrong. […]

Identify Your Marketing Assets

One attraction for an online business that sells information is that your car can still fit into the garage. If you were selling tangibles on a site like eBay, your car would be out in the rain because the garage would be filled with inventory. That’s both costly and inconvenient. With online marketing of information, […]

Why Should You Create Multiple Income Streams?

Many advanced marketers use the phrase “multiple income streams” when discussing their plans for the future. But if you’re new to affiliate marketing, even having a single stream of income seems daunting. If you’ve heard the common advice to specialize in a single aspect of business before branching out, you might ignore the prospect of […]

How to Build Your Business with Twitter Hashtags

If you have been on Twitter for any length of time, you have noticed people often use a # symbol at the end of their messages. This is known as a hashtag. Hashtags are commonly used as a symbol to send out messages pertaining to a certain event. These symbols were actually made popular during […]

Should I Use An eBay About Me Page?

Should you use an eBay About Me page? If so, what for? Alice from SaleHoo is here to deliver the answer. SaleHoo is one of the fastest growing product sourcing portals on the internet. It contains a database of drop ship, wholesale, closeout and manufacturing suppliers offering thousands of product suppliers to consumers! Located at […]

How to Make Money from Internet Auctions

by J. Stephen Pope If your business is not using eBay and other Internet auctions, you could be missing out. Here are just a few ways of generating additional income, profits and cashflow from online auctions.

Buying and Selling for Profit on eBay

Those who have no regard for cost of goods sold and don’t factor in fees and time actually lose money by selling on eBay. Read Buying and Selling for Profit on eBay.

What Not to Sell on eBay

Written by © All Rights Reserved 1. Items under $10 It sounds like a great idea – after all, everyone likes a bargain don’t they? But items that sell for under $10 have one big problem: Shipping. It’s quite likely that the shipping for the item will cost more than the item itself and […]

eBook Resale Rights

A very popular and simple way to get your Internet marketing business started is to offer eBook resale rights for your niche. When we’re talking about resale rights, we’re speaking strictly about a product that you may use as a bonus with your niche product or resell to your customers. Of all of the reselling […]

What Graphics Do You Need in Your Toolbox?

Almost every marketer needs graphics. Many graphics are available pre-made. You don’t necessarily need to have every single graphic customized for your use only. Some graphics should always be custom made, but others can easily be stock material. If you’re making sales pages of any kind, there are a few types of graphics you should […]

The Truth About How to Make Money Fast with Affiliate Marketing

Too many affiliate marketers enter this industry hoping for a fast way to make money online – and that’s why they get sucked into those get rich quick schemes so often. You have to work hard to build a long sustaining online business. It’s a mistake to think that just because the products are already […]

AdSense Ad Insider Tips

In part 15 of his Google AdSense Secrets presentation, Joel Comm talks about the importance of squeeze pages and shares other AdSense ad insider tips.

Pay Per Click Advertising — Learn Now to Profit Later

Pay per click advertising is something that every business should consider. While it is incredibly useful to have high rankings in the organic search engine listings, this is not something you have a lot of initial control over. Businesses requiring more control will enjoy a what pay per click (PPC) has to offer. One benefit […]

How to Get Traffic to Your eBay Listings

If you have an eBay business, which is an online resale business, you need to become an Internet Marketer to get traffic to your eBay listings. Read How to Get Traffic to Your eBay Listings.

Why Canadian Internet Marketers Love ClickBank

by J. Stephen Pope What’s not to like? ClickBank has several advantages for all Internet marketers — not just Canadians!

Essential Elements Of Success As An Affiliate

Do you feel undervalued in your current job? Problems in the workplace drive many talented people to try their hand at affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, many of them are quickly sidetracked and take short term online jobs that amount to digital busywork in order to make ends meet. It’s important to scale up as soon as […]

How to Drive Traffic to Your ClickBank Promotion

After you have chosen how to set up your ClickBank promotion, it’s time to drive traffic to your offer. This is the most difficult step for many people! There are many marketers who take the time to set up a promotion, but aren’t sure how to actually get people’s eyeballs on their offer! That’s why […]

Why Your Website MUST Rank Highly In Google

OK, so you’re convinced that your local business has got to get a website up on the internet if you’re going to remain competitive. You realize that fewer and fewer people use the Yellow Pages every day to look for local goods and services, and that most of them now use the internet to find […]

Are Affiliate Marketing Articles Still Effective?

When Google clamped down on article directories, everyone panicked because their own affiliate marketing articles were suddenly tanking in the search engine rankings. But some of those sites have begun to rebuild.

No Name — Just Email Address

by J. Stephen Pope Should you collect the subscriber’s name and email address for your mailing list? Or should you just ask for their email address?