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Make $100,000 Per Year as a Finder

Finder World Business Kit

Millions of people dream about being self employed with a business they create and own for themselves.

The desire to be your own boss and to have the blissful freedom to set your own hours is a powerful force for just about anyone.

But what most often bursts the bubble of those who dream of self-determined financial independence are the immediate road blocks that present themselves. The most common barriers are:

  • The need for large amounts of start-up money.
  • The need for a special skill or educational level.
  • The need to find a business that can support you as well or better as your current job.
  • The need to find a business in a field that is not already crowded with competition.
  • The need for a business that does not require special and expensive equipment.
  • The need to find a business that can be done anywhere in the country, namely, where you live.

Most often one or a combination of the above keep people where they are – in the rut of their current dreary, low-paying job, or unemployed.

That’s why we went searching for a kind of business that leapfrogs all of the above, and which just about anyone can start right away with little or no star-up cash, and do it no matter where they live or what their level of skill or education.

A job that fits the bill is to become a Finder.

What is a Finder?

It was the brilliant scientist Albert Einstein who once said: “It takes a genius to see the obvious.”

That axiom is true for the job of being a Finder. This is a concept for making big self-employment money which is incredibly simple and lucrative, but perhaps so simple that most have overlooked it because it is so obvious.

Ask any marketing expert about the best way to make money in America, and he or she will tell you to isolate a problem or need, and then find a way to solve that problem or fulfill that need.

A problem and need which millions of people have is that they need to find something. Millions of people need to find the perfect apartment. Millions are looking for the perfect spouse or mate. Millions of people are looking for a roommate. Millions of people are looking for more clients to build their businesses. Millions of people are looking for special items, like rare books, antiques, classic automobiles, baseball cards, famous signatures, the best trout streams in America, the best restaurants in New York – the list is absolutely without limit.

The bottom line is this: You can help people find what they need, and they will pay you for it. You can start your own business as a professional finder, and never be without clients, cash flow or financial security ever again.

Whether you decide to be a finder of husbands for lonely women, or rare beer cans for collectors, the fundamentals of being a finder are generally the same. First, let’s look at two examples of successful finding businesses, and then go on to a more general discussion of how to set up a finding business.

Classic Car Finding Service

Thousands of people are in love with automobiles, especially classic models. You can tap into this trade instantly with a few small classified ads in auto magazines, and also in general upscale magazines with a wealthy subscribers list.

You ad could simply say: “We find rare and classic automobiles. For fast, experienced service call: 555-5555.”

When you ad breaks, you’ll start getting calls. To each person who inquires, send a single sheet of paper which outlines your fees, and perhaps a business card. You need nothing more elaborate than that. Ask for a minimum of $100 to $500 per search. You can get from $2,500 to $5,000 if you score a find on a rare model.

As a rule, you can claim from 5 to 10 percent commission on the car you find. For example, a stainless steel Delorian prices at $20,000 will net you $2,000 if you match up an owner with a buyer.

To be successful, you’ll spend time developing something few other people have – the inside track on where all the rare, classic and high demand automobiles are. If you are a car nut, this task will be a shear pleasure for you. It means a lot of time poring over specialty car journals, attending trade shows, and getting to know dealers and even manufacturers.

Sometimes you can double your money on each transaction by collecting from both buyer and seller. Why not? You’ll be doing each of them a service, and most will be happy to pay a middleman to get what they want.

That’s it! Now let’s take another example.

Roommate Finding Service

It’s a fact of life that rental increases continue to out-pace wage increases, especially in large cities like New York and Los Angeles. Add to that the fact that many apartment complexes are being converted into expensive condominiums and you have a problem for millions of people who just need an affordable place to live.

While it may difficult to find cheap housing for people in this housing climate, you can save people thousands of dollars by finding them a roommate to share the rent.

Start out with ads in your local newspaper. They should be short, direct and simple: Save thousands on rent! We’ll find you the perfect roommate! Call: 555-5555. When calls start coming in, ask for a $25 registration fee to get your cash-flow started right away.

Take a polaroid snapshot of each client. Have each person fill out a form indicating the kind of roommate they can live with, that is, smoker/nonsmoker, male/female, drinker/nondrinker, age category, and so on.

Before long you will amass a large file of people looking for a roommate. Your job, then is to match up your clients with the kind of people they have indicated they can live with. When you make a match, charge an additional fee of 10 to 15 percent of their first month’s rent.

If you sign up just 200 people a month, you are already earning $5,000 a month. With the fee you get from each successful roommate match made, your income will easily double. Can you earn $100,000 a year with a roommate finding service? Absolutely! Furthermore, anyone can do it, it takes no special education or skill, just a sense of organization, good people skills and persistent advertising.

If People Want it, Find it for Them

Now, you may know nothing about cars, and perhaps you do lot live in a major urban area where rent is high and roommates are in high demand. In that case, the above two examples do you little good.

But the job of finding is not limited to cars and roommates. You can become a finder for just about anything, Consider:

Finding new clients for professionals, especially dentists, doctors and lawyers. Professionals compete heavily for clients in each specific region. If you can help your local doctor increase his patient load, you can collect a fee for each patient found.

Finding antiques and collectibles for collectors. Need we say more about this. Some people will pay top dollar for a rare beer can, an oil lamp or rare comic books. Pick a collectible category and start finding!

Finding rare coins and currency. The fact is, one of the hottest businesses in America is coin and currency collecting. It’s called numismatics. Today, there are thousands of full-time numismatics professionals whose sole purpose is to buy, sell and trade coins every day. If you can help these folks find the items of currency they want, you’ll cash in every time.

Finding items of historical interest for large corporations. A Michigan man recently spotted a car company ad in a rare old magazine dated 1890. He sent a copy to the auto giant’s headquarters, and soon received an offer of several hundred dollars for the original magazine. This is not limited to magazine ads. Anything you can find – from an old plow to cigar boxes – may be worth a lot of money to the corporations who produced the products years ago. Such items are valuable for public relations and advertising purposes, as well as office and lobby decorations.

Finding used and rare books. Many people make a lucrative full-time living by finding books that are either out-of-print or hard to find. Take out classified ads in literary and writer’s magazines, and you’ll soon get requests for books that people want you to find.

Finding second or third mortgages for people who need money. Many people take out second, third even fourth mortgages on their homes. You can start a service in which you act as an agent between lending institutions and the people who need loans. Take out a classified ad that says: “Need a second mortgage? We can help! Call 555-5555.” You’ll soon get calls and you’ll soon be in business. You can collect 5 to 10 percent on each mortgage you secure for a client.

The list is endless. You can find anything from food stuffs, to rare metals. All you need is an entity willing to pay a fee for what they need found.

You can also set up shop as a sort of “general” finding service. Run an ad that says: “We find anything for you! Call 555-5555.” One kind of finding often leads to another.

Becoming a finder is something anyone can do with next to no start-up capital needed, and where your competition is likely to be nonexistent.

If you are looking for a top-notch self-employment opportunity, we urge you to consider your own finding service. You may soon find yourself self employed, financially secure and free of the bonds of you boring day job. Find yourself free as a full-time finder.

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