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Dear Reader

If Someone Offered You $1,000,000 Today or a Bright Shiny
One Penny Piece Doubling Each Day ..…

..... Which Would You Rather Have? 
(Take a Tip: Choose the Penny!  I'll tell you why later!)

       There's nothing quite as exciting as waiting for the postman to call each day, opening dozens of letters containing checks, waiting for the phone to ring with more orders, sitting by the TV at night listening to the fax click in with more money for you. Imagine yourself receiving dozens of orders for smaller amounts - $20, $30 - and one or two for much higher amounts $100, $1,000, even more - depending on the type of business you operate and the kind of products you sell.  Ask yourself those questions again.  Think about it  ..... 

       "Could YOU place a few low-cost ads. for products the world wants to buy  ..... or mail a simple letter to hundreds of people who reply to your ad?"

Imagine This ………

       Next Monday, instead of waking up early and going to work, you pick up the phone to place a couple of simple, inexpensive classified ads.  Then you pop to the post box to mail a few hundred letters.  You get home and the post has arrived.  After breakfast you clear the table and start opening the mail, putting enquiries to one side, and piling cheques with orders somewhere else. 

The phone rings signalling a credit card order for two of your products.  You take details, process payment in seconds, and turn to your post once again.  You send ready-made information packs to enquirers and sort order forms into piles for processing later.  It's more important now to count money for banking in the late afternoon, after last-minute fax and telephone orders.  Now you take a break, a long one, or just a few minutes, depending on you. 

"Because placing those ads. and mailing your letters is
all you need to boost your income by hundreds or thousands
of dollars a week."

       Imagine if you had just one product bringing in several thousand dollars a month (we show how it can easily happen), to which you add more products, and yet more.  Everything's operating so well, almost without intervention from you, so you look for other ways to profit from your growing database.  Direct mail seems like the obvious answer.  So you find another product to interest people who've purchased from you already.  You write a simple letter, ask a slightly higher price than before, and you test you your mailing to one hundred of, say, 5,000 customers.  Now comes the biggest, most unexpected surprise of all.

       Two days later you receive four orders totalling $200 ($50 each - not a high price for people who've purchased from you already and enjoyed the experience).  Let's say it's a book you have which costs $7 to fulfil. 
Already you are $132 into profit ($200 less $40 or so starting costs minus $28 fulfilment), but it's early days yet.  You see it isn't unusual for follow-up offers to achieve anything from ten to TWENTY per cent (sometimes more) response from well-targeted mailings.  Let's say you get just ten per cent across the board.   Given those staggering test results, it won't surprise you to hear, in a week or so, ten orders arrive for $50 ($500) from which you deduct overheads of $40 and fulfilment of just $70.  In ten days, starting with just $40, you've earned a cool, clear $390!  (And still 4,900 names to go - estimated profits $19,110!!).

Couldn't happen to you?  Why not?  You must have heard stories of people who've started with just a few dollars and ended up making a fortune in the direct mail and mail order business: men and women just like you - and me - with a passion for making money without tying themselves to the '9 to 5'.

People Like Them, People Like YOU

The direct response industry abounds with tales to whet the appetite of anyone even remotely interested in carving their own fortunes in mail order and direct mail.  People like:

US marketing guru, Melvin Powers, confesses to having set the wheels in motion
    to becoming a mail order multi-millionaire on the strength of one small classified ad.

    Britain's John Scott, explains in
Streetwise Way to Wealth how he and his wife quickly
    became millionaires through mail order and direct mail.

    Fellow Briton John Chriswell tells an amazing tale of earning $106,335 in 97 days in
    the United States before returning to Britain where he went on to earn much more
    in even shorter time.

    Legendary Joe Karbo, author of
Lazy Man's Way to Riches, went from near bankruptcy
    to becoming  fabulously rich within just a few years of starting in mail order and direct mail.

    Chase Revel became a millionaire several times over starting with a small classified ad.       
    costing $44! 

The Great Thing About It -
Or Rather Lots of Great Things!!

    Work anywhere in the world you like.  At home, at work during your lunch break, from
    your holiday villa, in the garden or conservatory.  Work alone or with others. 

    No employees necessary.  Needs no special office or business premises.   

Little investment needed and no stock to hold.
    No limit to income potential.  It's a numbers game, remember!
No face-to-face selling involved, no need to meet customers in person.  All transactions
    take place by post.

    Put the whole thing on automatic pilot and take time off whenever you like.

       Mail order and direct mail are predicted to grow rapidly as people seek faster, more efficient, less expensive ways to buy. According to America's most prestigious market research bureau, the number of adults buying by mail has
grown by 53% in the last ten years and is set to quadruple by the year 2010.

"Like Having a Personal Trainer in Your Own Living Room"

       Although mail order and direct mail are uniquely easy businesses to start and profit from, it's extremely difficult to acquire a working knowledge of any business that lets you make money so fastThose already successful in the business don't want to share their secrets with newcomers for fear of jeopardising their own profits.   Learning by trial and error is the usual option.  But a costly one, too.  Not to mention time-consuming.  Or you could learn from books, other people's books, lots of other people's books.  Again, time-wasting, risky, expensive, and there's no guarantee the whole thing will 'gel' sufficiently to make early profits for you. 

Add to this the fact that most writers have only an acquired knowledge of the subject, whereas our course is produced by people who have many years experience of mail order and direct mail

"Avril Harper is just one of the most productive and clever authors on direct marketing,
self-publishing and home businesses I know.  Besides, Avril gives a splendid service. 
One of the best I've ever got.  .....  Avril has - to the best of my knowledge - been enormously
successful in direct marketing.  And she has the background and
experience needed to make such claims."
(Klaus Dahl, one of the world's leading independent book reviewers. 

This course compiles years and years of personal research and hands-on experience into eight, fact-packed modules for you to benefit from, culminating in what one student calls
'The First Millionaires' How-To Kit Ever Devised' for people wanting to generate their own fortunes in mail order and direct mail.

A Simple Numbers Game  .....  Power to Create Wealth
Even Without Starting Capital
(Why The  Penny Wins Hands Down Over  $1,000,000
Cash On the Table Today!)

       The story goes that a leading British direct response (mail order/direct mail) specialist asked the question of prospective managers for his growing business empire: "If you get the job, which would you rather have: one million pounds on your first day at work to last the whole year, or one penny today, which I will double tomorrow, and the day after that, for the whole of your first month as manager for my business?"  With just one exception, interviewees chose the one million pounds, with the result the job went to the person who chose the penny.  Here's why, and the reason the man who made the offer chose the more enlightened candidate with an eye to what that one penny could achieve.  Mail order, and direct mail - two simple numbers games - where each dollar spent promoting your goods should return 100% profits, probably more.  That one penny, or cent, doubling over thirty days highlights the staggering wealth generating potential of mail order and direct mail.

1 ...  2  ...  4  ...  8  ...  16  ...  32  ...  64  ...  $1.28  ...  2.56  ... 5.12  ...  10.24  . . . 20.48  ... 40.96  ...  81.92  ...  163.84  ...  327.68  ...  655.36  ...  1,310.72  ...  2,621.44  ...  5,242.88  ...  10,485.76  ... 20,971.52  ...  41,943.04  ...  83,886.08  ...  167,772.16  ...  335,544.32  ...  71,088.64  ...  1,342,177.28!!!

       Amazingly,  it's taken less than a month for that humble investment to multiply into a fabulous fortune.  That's the power of numbers -  the potential of mail order and direct mail! 

       Of course, you'd never start the business with just one penny, any more than, having reinvested your profits into larger campaigns, you'd want to place hundreds of adverts or mail millions of letters each week. 
But imagine you started modestly at, say, the $40 mark, and doubled up seven or eight times, to a point where you are placing a dozen or so regular advertisements or posting a few thousand letters each month in expectation of clearing $5,000 or $6,000 profit!   Does that sound good to you?

Best of All

       This amazing combination - mail order, direct mail - is immensely exciting - and enjoyable - and, best of all, open to virtually anyone.  Age, sex, health, background and social standing are no barriers to success.  You can work part-time or full-time, in your spare-time if you like.  All you really need is a telephone, some business stationery, a post office close by, and off you go.  This outstanding course shows how, by following a few simple steps, you will become financially secure - independently rich.  And how easy and enjoyable the process will be.

       So what's it to be: will you join us in this amazing business, one that is not only easy to run and very enjoyable, too, which also generates high profits in relatively short time for those prepared to learn the few simple steps involved? 
Or will you just pass this one by, get up early again next Monday morning, get on the bus, clock in at work, watch the clock go round from nine to five or        ……………………  ?

The Choice is Yours

       The risk is you might put this letter to one side intending to reply later, and miss your big chance to be one of the first to study and market it.  At which time other dealers may well be on the way to signing up hundreds, even thousands of customers in just a few weeks.  Don't let them beat you to it!

Best wishes

Avril Harper

Avril Harper 
Senior Editor
How to Get Rich in Mail Order and Direct Mail

P.S. This isn't just any mail order course.  It's fact-packed and extremely comprehensive, covering everything you need to know to begin and continue developing your future and fortune in mail order and direct mail.  Here's a sneak view of the contents:

Module One - The Magic of Mail Order and Direct Mail
Understanding  mail order and direct mail  .....  Why mail order and direct mail are unique  .....  Why people buy by mail  ..... Step-by-step start-up guide  ..... The mail order millionaires' strategy - follow it and you'll become a millionaire, too  .....  How to copycat successful mail order operations  ..... Why mail order is the easiest, most likely road to riches  ..... How anyone can make a fortune in mail order  ..... Developing your mail order expertise.

Module Two - Choosing Products The World Wants  to Buy
What kind of products sell best by mail?  .....  The perfect mail order product  .....  Follow your hobbies into mail order  .....  'Bread and butter' products  .....  Sourcing unique products and services   .....  What makes a winning product?  .....  Finding  that once-in-a-blue-moon product that makes a million overnight  .....  Thousands of product ideas on your doorstep   .....  Specialty and novelty products  .....  Cashing in on fads and trends  .....  97 winning mail order product ideas  .....  Crafts, hobbies, collectibles, import/export   .....  Niche markets - gold without digging deep!  .....  How the world's leading dealers find their best products  .....  Why importers and home agents are really mail order dealers in disguise  .....  How to sell a service by mail  .....  Licensing  .....  Drop shipping ..... Circular mailing  .....  Testing markets and media  .....  MLM  prospecting by mail  .....  Selling part-works and business plans - the benefits of regular income.

Module Three  - Classified and Display Advertising
Features of every good ad. .....  Giving ads. a powerful punch  .....   Making a good ad. spectacular .....  World's most successful ads.  .....  Ad. sizes and specifications  .....  Fortunes built on classified ads.   .....  Extra gold from the classified mine  .....   Making money with display advertising  .....  Keying ads.  .....  Testing ads. and interpreting test results  .....  When, where and how often to advertise .....  One stage or two?  .....  P.I. deals  .....  Make your advertising copy sizzle.

Module Four - Direct Mail
Magic letters that could make you incredibly rich  .....  Direct mail as part of the mail order business  .....  Direct mail as a separate entity  .....  General principles of direct mail  .....  Components of the mailing piece  .....  Letters - computer letters, repeat letters  .....  Brochures and circulars .....   Outer envelopes  .....  Inner envelopes  .....  Order forms .....  Incentives .....  Vouchers and freebies  .....  Special offers and promotional devices  .....  Catalogues - the road to regular repeat profits  .....  Mind-blowing mailing pieces  .....  Testing, testing - keep on testing!  .....  Keying direct mailing pieces  .....  How to estimate results quickly  .....  When to mail  .....  How often to remail   .....  How many follow-ups  .....  When to send follow-ups  .....  Buyers for life!  .....  How long to keep an inactive customer on your list  .....  Copywriting - an art that could make you very rich  .....   Letters that stand the test of time!  .....  World's greatest letters  .....  Breathing life into dead mailings  .....  Mailing lists  .....  Brokers, compilers, managers, and consultants  .....  Types of lists  .....  Extra revenue by renting your list  .....  Renting, buying, exchanging mailing lists.

Module Five  - Millionaire Marketing Strategies
The national press  .....  The local press  .....  The magic of niche publications  .....  Shared mailings  .....  Selling through agents  .....  Selling products on television  .....  Sell to other mail order companies  .....  Selling through retail outlets  .....  Selling through catalogues  .....  Trade shows  .....  Product reviews  .....  Business to business  .....  House to house   .....  Export sales  .....  Home agents  .....  Internet  .....  Inserts  .....  Telesales  .....  Free Advertising Phenomenon  .....  Television and radio giveaways  .....  Press release  .....  Running competitions.

Module Six - Testing
A four letter word discerning dealers swear by  .....  Why testing makes all the difference between massive success and dismal failure  .....  When and what to test  .....  Selecting a test samples  .....  Initiating the testing process  .....  Interpreting test results  .....  Using test results to achieve higher profits  .....  Making a dead duck fly faster!

Module Seven  - Vital Elements of the Direct Response Business
Establishing your business  .....  Choosing and using a business name  .....  Formulating an efficient book-keeping system  .....  Pricing  .....   Refunds and guarantees  .....   Trials offers  .....  Credit card facilities  .....  Instalment payments versus cash up front  .....  What you can and cannot do - the law and mail order  .....  Calculating costs and profit margins  .....  Calculating the lifetime value of a customer  .....  Product fulfilment  .....  The danger of spreading yourself too thin  .....  Mail order seasons  .....  Expanding your business  .....  Selling overseas.

Module Eight - Trade Secrets to Becoming a Direct Response
How to sell your business and retire a multi-millionaire  .....  Double or triple your income overnight  .....  A letter that pulled over 30 per cent response  .....  Display ads. that earned a fortune overnight  .....  Getting the Midas touch  .....   The power of creative thinking  .....  Making a dead ad. live again  .....  How to put thousands of extra dollars in your bank account, fast!  .....  The right product at the right time - Magic!  .....  Finding gems in other people's rubbish!

What's Your Investment In This Course?

       Just $47.00 $17.00 brings you a downloadable compendium packed with guidance and advice to start you on the road to riches in mail order and direct mail. 

       A tiny drop in the ocean compared to the possibilities awaiting you once you obtain
How to Get Rich in Mail Order and Direct Mail.


The Ultimate Internet Marketing Compendium
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How To Start and Operate Your Own Profitable Mail Order Business at Home

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We have great faith in our products which we're prepared to back with a
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