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Loading Your Autoresponder Up With Tantalizing Emails

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Your email list is just another tool in the marketers’ toolbox – and like all tools, nothing happens unless you use it. It’s important to load your autoresponder with emails and send them at regular intervals.

If you’ve ever subscribed to an email list and then didn’t get any communication from that party until six months later, then you know how difficult it is to remember what you even signed up for to begin with.

By not going after immediate contact and then maintaining it, the list owner lost a substantial chance to sell you any of his or her products. Since research shows that it takes multiple emails before most subscribers will act, you want to begin building a relationship with new subscribers as soon as possible. For a marketer, this is what it means by not allowing any grass to grow under your feet.

One way to connect and then stay in contact with your list is to load your autoresponder up with helpful emails. Offer something, and create a desire for them to know more. You achieve this by making sure your email pulls at the reader’s curiosity.

You offer your words like small previews of something bigger and more delicious so that the reader feels compelled to click on the link in the email and follow it to your website. But remember that follow up is where you don’t want to drop the ball.

Set your autoresponder to generate an email to all new subscribers who opt in within twenty four hours of their subscription. The longer you wait to send that first email, the higher the odds your subscribers won’t remember who your company is or what your online business does.

This initial contact email can be as simple as welcoming the subscriber and stating when to expect the next email in a series of lessons. You may want this first email to be breezy and personal, but have a good mix after that.

With follow up emails after your initial welcome, you can also direct new subscribers to recent posts from your blog or popular products on your website allowing you to further promote your business to subscribers.

Create a balance of selling to them versus being helpful. Send out a series of lessons. Ask them to participate in a poll so that it becomes interactive. Be a little controversial, but not offensive.

You’ll want to set up a series of emails to send to new subscribers on a regular basis. Moderation is key. Don’t overdo it by bombarding new list subscribers with email messages every day. Instead, contact subscribers within a couple of days after the initial contact to remind them of who you are and all the great things you have to offer them.

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