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IWS Commercial Real Estate Riches Success Kit

IWS Commercial Real Estate Riches Success Kit

Kick-Start Your Commercial Real Estate Career Today–Order This Comprehensive, Hands-On, Affordable Kit.

How You Can Earn Big Money In Commercial Real Estate Today Using Borrowed Money.

Office Buildings—Shopping Centers/Malls—Bowling Alleys—Tennis Courts—Swimming Pools—Golf Courses—Parking Lots—Hotels—Motels—Retail Stores —And Much More.

Some of the largest real estate fortunes are earned in commercial real estate–that is, buildings and other facilities in which your tenants are there to earn money in the space they rent from you.

Commercial real estate is all business. That’s why it’s much easier to run than residential real estate where people live in your building. Your tenants treat you as a fellow business person. So they pay their rent on time, allow you time to make any needed repairs, don’t bug you on weekends, etc.

Here’s Why You Need This Great Kit

This NEW, information-packed business KIT is written by Ty Hicks and gives you many benefits, while showing you, in quick, easy-to-read ways:

  • How, and where, to find profitable commercial properties
  • What’s a fair price to pay for commercial property you want to own
  • Which sources of income are best for you from commercial property
  • When to make a bid on a commercial property you want to buy
  • Which lenders you can work with to get 100%, or more, financing for commercial property
  • Which numbers to use to figure your Net Positive Cash Flow from any property
  • What to tell a lender when you’re applying for a loan for a commercial property
  • What lenders offer you the best chance of getting a loan for your commercial property
  • How to know, in advance, what guidelines a lender uses in making a loan to you
  • Which, of several hundred commercial lenders, might be best for you
  • How to fill out the Loan Application for best results
  • Where is the best place to get 100% financing for the commercial property you want to buy
  • What to look for in a commercial property to ensure that you will get the needed funding
  • 500+ Internet Lenders for you; 50+ unusual lenders for you
  • 25+ Private Lenders for you
  • Many other Commercial Lenders for you

More than 300 pages, 8.5×11 in. Just $150.00.

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