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How to Make Export-Import Riches

Export-Import Success Kit

GET STARTED IN YOUR OWN EXPORTING BUSINESS (and in importing, if YOU wish) for less than $250! Earn big fees without ever having to touch what YOU sell. As this user of our big Kit writes:

“Enclosed is a copy of my first commission check from my export business. The sale was for $32,000 and my commission was $4,269.50. Not bad for starting with $100 capital and your ‘Import-Export Kit’. They are getting ready to order two more similar machines.”

YOU CAN GET SIMILAR ORDERS! How? By using our BIG ‘Import-Export Kit’ which gives YOU:

  • 5000 ways to earn big fees for selling needed products all over the world
  • Easy steps to take to do the simple papers used in both importing and exporting
  • Simple letters YOU can mail or fax to your overseas customers to make sales fast
  • Ways to work from YOUR home without ever having to travel further than your mail box
  • Get BIG repeat orders which put large fees into YOUR pocket quickly and easily
  • Ways to be paid through YOUR own bank with checks that will never, never bounce!
  • Quick finance sources to give YOU loans or grants to operate YOUR business
  • Personal help 800-number telephone line for on-the-spot answers to YOUR questions. Or if YOU can’t call, an address to write or fax to get instant answers and help

ALL THESE BENEFITS CAN BE YOURS – sooner than YOU think! YOU can bring in big fees within days after making the first contact by mail or phone. One user of this Kit is making $30,000 per month profit after ALL costs after making just one phone call! YOU might be able to do the same, once YOU have this big Kit in YOUR hands.

With this BIG Kit on hand YOU’ll have 99 % of what YOU need to know to get started. The other 1% YOU get by doing – while YOU’re being paid to learn! Other key data YOU get in this Kit are:

  • How to avoid the 12 most common mistakes of potential exporters
  • Directory of Federal and State export help YOU can get free of any charge
  • Sources of assistance (including financing) by state – there’s more money around for YOU than YOU ever have taught!
  • Contacts for top overseas markets – people YOU can talk to or write or fax for big sales
  • Typical forms used in export-import deals all over the world
  • Easy, fast ways to get paid for the work YOU do in exporting and importing
  • Building YOUR export-import business to the level that gives YOU the income you desire

DON’T WASTE ANY TIME: Get into export-import NOW! YOU’ll be able to get away from nasty bosses, a slave-wage pay check, and constant threats of being fired.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS IN A BUSINESS WHERE YOU WORK only a few hours a day. Bring in big chunks of money every day of the year. Go from poverty to riches in just a few hours. Why scrimp and save to get what YOU want when YOU can make millions in just a few months in an interesting and rewarding business?

SEND FOR YOUR EXPORT-IMPORT KIT TODAY! YOU’LL get started in just hours!

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Tyler G. Hicks is the president of INTERNATIONAL WEALTH SUCCESS, INC. as well as the president of a large lending organization in New York. He is internationally recognized as the foremost expert on making money from scratch and is the bestselling author of many books, including How to Get Rich on Other People’s Money, How to Start a Business on a Shoestring and Make Up To $500,000 A Year and How to Borrow Your Way To Real Estate Riches. Over 2,000,000 people (worldwide) have profited from his books.

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Approx. 500 pages, 8.5×11 in. This kit is just $99.50.

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