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How to Make Big Money as a Financial Broker/ Finder /Business Broker /Business Consultant

Financial Broker | Finder | Business Broker | Business Consultant Kit

Become a FINANCIAL CONSULTANT/ FINDER/ BUSINESS BROKER/ CONSULTANT! Some people call this the “best business anyone can get into!” Would YOU like to become a Financial Broker/Finder/Business Broker? You can! How? Read on!

If YOU like money, if YOU have ever had some type of job in business, if YOU want to help others, and if YOU like people, YOU can become a Financial Broker. All YOU need to do to start YOUR future in this great career is to use the IWS FINANCIAL BROKER/ FINDER/ BUSINESS CONSULTANT KIT- It shows YOU the how, where, when, and the way of this money-laden career. Here’s why YOU need this great KIT It gives YOU the ideas, methods, forms, and steps which YOU can use to get started. Here are some of the specific topics covered in detail in this great KIT!

  • How to prepare your business announcement
  • Developing a list of financial and business brokers
  • Typical business loan application form
  • How to start your own financial broker office
  • Where to locate business
  • Doing business from your home
  • How to get your letterhead and business cards
  • How, and where, to contact money sources
  • What to charge your clients for your help
  • Finding clients all over the world
  • 2,500 sources of business loans for you
  • How to be a financial broker anywhere without needing a state or city license (this method has never been covered in print before – so far as we can determine).
  • Typical financial broker/finder/business broker forms (113 pages of forms covering every aspect commonly met -from placement and processing agreements to financial statements for borrowers to commercial financing forms. You get a total of 41 forms, many of which YOU can use directly without changing a word!)
  • Complete guide to becoming a highly paid business broker In your spare time
  • Fees you can collect as a business broker
  • Starting with NO license, NO test, NO exams
  • Which Industries pay the biggest fees to YOU
  • How to become a highly paid business consultant (fees to $1,000 a day!)
  • Kinds of problems financial brokers/finders/business brokers solve (get paid big to suggest ideas)
  • Get contracts for annual consulting fee
  • How to become a highly paid finder In your spare time (turn leisure Into BIG cash)
  • What finders do – and where – and for what
  • How much to charge for being a finder
  • Typical finder-fee agreement you can use today
  • How to pick a good plant site
  • Taking a company public – Regulation ‘A’ offerings
  • Terms used in the Regulation; what they mean
  • How to write a selling prospectus
  • Samples of forms to be used for Reg ‘A’
  • Irrevocable appointment of you as an agent
  • Offering stock through underwriters
  • Registering with the SBC for the offering
  • Loan packages – how to prepare them for approval
  • SBIC – Small Business Investment Companies -what they do, how you can use them
  • Advertising and office mailing flier for your firm
  • Typical bank letter of credit, typical surety bond for a business loan
  • Plus four membership certificates in two colors suitable for framing and mounting in your office or den
  • Plus much, much more to help YOU get started


Here’s what some of the users say about this great FINANCIAL BROKER/ FINDER/ BUSINESS BROKER/ CONSULTANT Kit:

“Received Financial Broker Kit yesterday morning. Using Info in it, closed deal for $463,750 yesterday afternoon. Thank you. Best Regards.” Tennessee.

“My financial brokerage business grossed $45,000 in first year. I am now working on starting a finance company.” Virginia

“It was through your letter that I became a part-time financial broker, have been one for six months and have enjoyed several commissions!” Massachusetts

“…went out and borrowed $10,000 and bought a business brokerage representing small business opportunities. I was recently (I year later) offered $25,000 for half of my brokerage.” Pennsylvania

“My fee between two findings is $180,000.” Montana

“I am underway and doing quite well. I have completed one merger deal and placed 2 loans for $75,000.” Massachusetts

About the Author

Tyler G. Hicks is the president of INTERNATIONAL WEALTH SUCCESS, INC., as well as the president of a large lending organization in New York. He is internationally recognized as the foremost expert on making money from scratch and is the best selling author of many books, including How to Get Rich on Other People’s Money, How to Start a Business on a Shoestring and Make Up to $500,000 a Year and How to Borrow Your Way to Real Estate Riches. Over 2,000,000 people have read some of his books. He will provide free consultation for every buyer of this kit.


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This great KIT contains 12 speed-Read books, a total of some 500 pages, 4 ready-to-frame membership certificates and costs only $99.50.

Available in Print and PDF Versions.

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