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How to Get Rich in Mail Order Cash Loan Dollars

Tyler G. Hicks | International Wealth Success, Inc.

  • Overcome bad credit for you and others!
  • Get cash in a flash — maybe in under a day!
  • Find an “Angel” for your cash needs!
  • Develop signature-loan money power!
  • Rate your loan chances in minutes!
  • Wipe out all debts with just one loan!
  • Deal by mail — no interviews; no pain!
  • Get liquid assets for any personal need!
  • Get interest-only loans!
  • Be the “fastest loan broker” around!
  • Get dozens of different kinds of loans!
  • Be a mail-order unsecured signature-loan dealer!
  • Make friends with money lenders forever!
  • Get mail-order loan convenience, speed, efficiency, confidentiality!
  • Earn big fees helping others get loans!
  • Know who’s lending for what use!
  • Laugh “all the way to the bank” NOW!
  • Avoid face-to-face hassles — deal by mail!

Get Unsecured Personal Signature Loans For Your Clients or Yourself

Use the IWS LOANS BY MAIL SUCCESS SYSTEM — the fastest way to get a signature loan today! Learn how to deal with lenders — prepare winning loan applications — help yourself or others to the BILLIONS available for unsecured loans! Build your own, or your client’s, loan rating fast! It’s ALL here — plus much, much more in this NEW powerful SYSTEM!

Written by Ty Hicks, a man who has supervised the lending of some $50-million in all types of unsecured, signature loans, this system is just what’s needed to get people the money they seek! And YOU can use the system for your clients, or for yourself. It works, works, works for YOU! And it works for anyone you’re helping get a loan. The SYSTEM gives you thousands of lenders to contact — shows YOU how to build your own list of willing and interested lenders! Send your check or money order for your SYSTEM today! Get loans SOON!

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This kit is just $100.00.

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