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How to Get People Commenting on your Blog Like Crazy

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One of the most interesting features of a blog is the commenting function. Because of it the blog doesn’t have to be a one way flow of information. The ability to accept comments turns a simple web page into an invitation to communicate.

I’m sure that you’ve visited busy blogs that get lots of comment activity. The interaction comes close to what we see on a community forum, only the blog owner has control over the subject that their visitors get to comment on. The give and take of ideas is fun and adds valuable fresh content to the website.

If you’re a new blogger, you may have realized that the availability of commenting isn’t a guarantee that people will actually leave a comment. It does take work to get people commenting on your blog. This can be a bit frustrating but there are some ways that you can increase the number of comments on your blog.

Ask Questions

One simple approach is to ask your blog readers a question. End your blog post with an express invitation to answer one of your burning questions.

Am I right or wrong? (Ask opinions)

Ask your readers if they agree with your blog post or if they have another opinion.

Ask for advice

Ask your blog visitors if they have ever experienced anything like what you’re dealing with. Invite them to give you tips and share their own stories.

Ask friends for help

Sometime silence is hard to break. Ask a friend to make comments on your blog and offer to do the same for them. When others visit and see other comments it gives them the courage to add their own.

Respond to comments faithfully

When someone is brave enough to make a response to your posts, you should make a quick reply. Thank them for sharing their thoughts and providing you with feedback. Return the favor and post a comment on their blog. This will encourage them to come back and comment again soon.

Whichever approach you choose, remember that many of your visitors may not have experience in using a blog. Give them specific directions on how to respond. (Click on “Comments” and share your thoughts.)

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