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How To Get 100% Financing for Real Estate from Public or Private Sources

How to Build Your Real Estate Fortune Today in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) by Tyler Hicks

Using Your Own REIT — Real Estate Investment Trust You CAN get public or private money to buy investment real estate of almost any kind you enjoy and like — such as:

  • Residential multifamily apartment houses everywhere
  • Shopping malls — both new and existing properties
  • Office complexes — from single buildings to multi-units
  • Marinas, playgrounds, tennis complexes, bowling alleys
  • Golf courses, driving ranges, clubhouses, pro-shops
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, eldercare facilities, nurseries
  • Factories, industrial plants, executive and computer centers
  • Plus any other type of income real estate needed today

And you can get this money long before you own any property. All you need is a good, sound plan for developing, or acquiring, investment real estate to produce a positive cash flow for your investors, along with a good, positive profit each month.

To learn how to tap into the billions of dollars available to you from public and private investors, send for the big Kit “How to Build Your Real Estate Fortune Today in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)” by Tyler Hicks. This blockbuster kit shows you exactly how to form your own REIT to raise millions of dollars to get the real estate you want to build your riches today.

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