How I Grossed More Than $1 Million in Direct Mail & Mail Order

Tyler G. Hicks

by Tyler G. Hicks

How I Grossed More Than $1 Million in Direct Mail & Mail Order gives the business life story of the author in mailorder and direct mail. Shows how he grosses a large income selling a variety of products by mailorder, mail order catalogs and direct mail. Gives specific, step-by-step methods that you can follow to earn money in mail order/direct mail. Using this helpful book, almost any reader can become successful in mail order/direct mail today. Hardcover, 52 pages; 8.5×11 in.; only 20.00.

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How To Get Rich in Mail Order and Direct Mail: This amazing combination – mail order, direct mail – is immensely exciting – and enjoyable – and, best of all, open to virtually anyone.