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Finding a Good Dropship Source

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When trying to locate a good dropship source, there are several things to keep in mind. As wonderful as the World Wide Web is for finding everything you need right at your fingertips, it’s also a source of scams and illegitimate dropship sources.

It seems there’s this almost parallel stream of businessmen and women whose only role in life is to part you from your money. The same goes with the dropshipping industry. So do your due diligence.

There are a few things to look for in a legitimate dropshipper and among them is that you should check references. You should be able to ask for names and numbers of current customers to see if the service is reputable.

Do a search on the Internet for a scam or review on any particular business you want to deal with. It would be wise to check any Better Business Bureau type of organization to make sure there are few complaints.

As with any business model, there are so-called dropshippers who claim to set you up in business with catalogs and a website, etc., but you end up dealing with a middleman and not the direct manufacturer. This leaves you with little profit and angry at the whole idea of dropshipping as a worthy business.

A good dropshipper will also have a good customer service department available (at least during business hours). You’ll want to have friendly relations with these representatives because they will be who you talk to when you check up on supply, estimated shipping times, possible glitches, etc.

In order to serve the dropshipping community better, some have formed what is called a wholesale dropship club. A good wholesale dropship club offers its members access to a source of reputable dropshippers and offers the club group discount rates.

A word to the wise: as mentioned earlier, there are good dropshippers and there are junk dropshippers. Do your homework well. You can even head to the local library and ask the librarian for a directory of wholesale manufacturers that you can use to source good companies.

Please don’t waste money on so-called dropship lists that you see advertised all over eBay or elsewhere. In thousands of names and addresses, you might find a handful of “live” sources. These lists are often just a cut and paste listing of a business directory and many are very outdated.

Finally, be aware that all dropshippers charge a set up fee. This fee is to discourage casual buyers from taking advantage of the lower wholesale prices. This fee can range from several hundred dollars to thousands depending on the manufacturer.

This may be the most painstaking part of your business set up, but it’s also the most vital. You’ll be glad you spent the time getting good, solid businesses as your dropship suppliers. Your business is only as strong as your weakest link. Make sure that you take the time to find a good source for your dropshipping needs.

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