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Finder’s World Business Kit

How to Earn the Quickest Money Ever as a Finder | Tyler G. Hicks

Finder’s World Business Kit shows you how to “Earn the Quickest Money Ever” as a Finder. This BIG KIT gives you thousands of red hot national and international GLOBAL FINDER LEADS every year, along with:

  • Step-by-step easy-to understand ways to set yourself up as a Finder;
  • Complete sets of Forms you can use as a Finder to protect your Finder’s Fees;
  • Places to run your Finder Fee ads every month FREE of charge;
  • Tools to use to close every Finder deal you want to work on and earn a BIG fee;
  • One-year (12 issues) subscription to the “Global Finder’s Service Alert” Newsletter.

This BIG KIT has 7 books, 400 pages; 8.5×11 in.; Just $100.00.

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