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Fast Financing of Your Real Estate Fortune Success Kit

Tyler G. Hicks | International Wealth Success, Inc.

Fast Financing of Your Real Estate Fortune Success Kit shows the real estate wealth builder how to raise money for any real estate deal. It concentrates on getting the money quickly and easily; gives more than 2,500 sources of real estate money. Contents:

  • Reading Guide;
  • How to Buy and Sell Real Estate for Financial Security;
  • Directory of State Housing Finance Agencies;
  • Comprehensive Financial Directory;
  • Guide to Local Money, Financing, and Development Sources;
  • Industrial Reps of Overseas Countries;
  • How to Finance Real Estate Investments;
  • How to Create Your Own Real Estate Fortune Using Tax Shelters to Protect
    Your Profits.

7 Speed-Read Books; more than 466 pages.

This kit is just $99.50.

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