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Essential Tips for Drop Shipping Clothing

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Did you know that clothing, shoes and accessories are eBay’s second top seller? Clothing is a great market to get into for several reasons; there are so many different categories; there is always a demand for clothing; shipping of clothing is low risk; and there are many niche markets to explore such as men’s plus size swim wear, petite maternity wear, and kids colored jeans.

What does drop shipping clothing involve?

As with all drop shipping, selling clothing through a drop ship supplier starts with finding a reliable supplier who stocks the items you want to sell. Finding a supplier who stocks the items you want isn’t always easy, but there are several ways you can go about finding yourself a drop ship supplier:

  • Try Googling ‘the name of your product you want to sell + drop shipper’. Remember that the best suppliers aren’t always on the first page of search results. Keep in mind that when you search for suppliers this way, you run the risk of encountering con artists who prey on taking newbies sellers for a ride (and taking their money for a ride to down to the bank!). One way to check that a supplier is legitimate to visit Domain Tools and enter the URL of a supplier you are looking into. Look under ‘Registration Record’ and see when the site was created. If it is less than 2 years old, we recommend that you find yourself another supplier, don’t be tempted to give them a try because they are the cheapest you can find, they are highly likely to be a fake supplier who is attempting to lure you in then take your money and run!
  • Use a reliable supplier directory such as SaleHoo which guarantees their suppliers as safe and legitimate.
  • Look through trade magazines – offers free downloadable trade magazines with information on suppliers as well as handy tips about what products are up and coming for the next season.

Once you have found your drop ship supplier, it’s time to start listing! Pull the photos and product descriptions from your supplier’s site and make your own listings on eBay or wherever you intend to sell. When deciding on a price to sell your goods at, keep in mind the extra charges involved with drop shipping. Usually, a drop shipper will attach around US$2-US$5 onto the advertised price.

When the item sells, visit your supplier’s site and buy the item which you have just sold and enter the buyer’s delivery address at the checkout.

Your drop shipper will then send the item out to your awaiting buyer. Easy!

Tips for successfully selling clothing

  • When selling on eBay, make use of acronyms. These help to give you better item titles and tell the buyer a lot about the item you are selling. For example, NWT = New with tags, so the buyer will know that the item is brand new, unworn and because it still has tags attached, it’s suitable as a gift, if necessary. Here are a few more helpful acronyms you may wish to use when selling clothing:

    EUC: Excellent used condition

    FC: Fine condition

    G: Good condition

    HTF: Hard to find

    NBW: Never been worn

    NM: Near mint (condition)

    NWOT: New without original tags

  • Describe the item in detail. Does it have pockets? Where? How many? Does it have vintage buttons or perhaps French cuffs? Make sure you describe the item as accurately and with as much detail as possible. This helps the buyer make an informed decision, and prevents any surprises when they open the parcel later.
  • List basic measurements such as armpit-to-armpit and shoulder-to-waist. If drop shipping, your supplier will have to provide you with these details. This is essential for encouraging buyers when they are skeptical about wasting time and money on buying something online that may not fit them.
  • Keep up with trends by reading fashion blogs and articles so you can source next season’s hot items.
  • Sell easy-fit items like scarves, hats and neck ties. People are more likely to buy these as there is little to no risk of them not fitting the buyers.

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