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“Finally, You Can Find A Real Drop-Shipper For Virtually Any Product You Want, Move On To The Next Step And Start Doing What You Really Want To Do…Selling Products And Making Money”


Imagine being able to find a real drop-shipper for virtually any product you want in Just a few minutes. Imagine finally getting the “supplier part” of your business figured out, so you can move on to the next step and actually start selling the products you want instead of wasting valuable time just looking for products to sell.

Well listen up, because in the next few minutes I will teach you how to do just that.

What ever it is that you are looking for, whether it be brand name running shoes, consumer electronics, scuba diving gear, pet supplies, designer clothing etc. You are about to find out exactly where and how to quickly find a reliable drop-shipper for it and finally start your business.


From: Dima Sorokine
Creator of the “Drop-Ship Anything” guide
Tuesday, 10:17 am

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in finally starting to sell hot and profitable products and having the drop-shipped to your customers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…this letter is for you.

Now, let’s get straight to the point.

Here is an example of just some of the products I was able to find in under an hour, by using the information I teach in my guide…

  • Brand Name Running shoes (Nike, Reebok, Addidas etc.) as low as $15

  • Brand name Laptop computers: as low as $200

  • Brand name Mini DV video camcorders: as low as $88

  • Designer clothing (Polo, Lacoste, Diesel, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger etc.) up to 95% off

  • Mini and pocket bikes, retail: up to $1,000 , you pay as low as $100

  • Brand name cameras (sony, cannon, fuji etc.), up to 85% off

* This is just a tiny sample of the hundreds of thousands of hot products you will find drop-shippers for using the drop-ship anything guide.

Look at the prices, can you see the huge potential for profit? Now look at the products, those products are hot and are extremely easy to sell.

How was I able to find real wholesale drop shippers for such hot products, at such incredible prices in such a quick time?

Well, it was not always this easy for me to find a drop-shipper for anything I wanted. In fact, it was almost impossible for me to find a reliable drop-shipper for anything…let alone for something I wanted.  That is why for the past 6 months I've been extensively researching ways to find real wholesale drop shippers.

Here is just a short list of some of the things I’ve done during my research:

I have talked to over 50 eBay power sellers from all around the world (U.S.A, Australia, Japan, Canada etc.) and got them to reveal exactly where and how they find reliable drop shippers they use to sell the hottest products and make tens of thousands of dollars per month.

I have contacted and dealt with over 500 wholesale drop shippers and can now say I am a pro at negotiating with even the most stubborn suppliers.

I even bought 26 “Drop shipping lists” (expensive!) from my “competitors”. 80% of the information was useless. I took the remaining 20% of useful information and threw it into MY guide.

As you can imagine, I’ve learned A LOT from all this research. I’ve done all the “leg work”. Then, I stuffed everything into a nice and simple, easy to read, straight to the point, no fluff, no B.S. drop shipping guide.

And here is just some of the stuff I’ve learned during my research:

Most real wholesale suppliers will provide drop-shipping at no extra charge, while most fake online "drop-shippers" will charge you an extra fee for the service on top of their already high prices.

If it is sold in stores it can be bought from a wholesale supplier. This means that what ever it is that you are looking for, you can find a wholesale drop-shipper for just have to know where to look.

Successful online sellers (eBay powersellers, Yahoo sellers, website owners etc.) can find a drop shipper for any product in just a few minutes. They don't need to spend weeks searching through the Internet just to find a drop-shipper, because they know exactly where to look (soon, you will too).

There is a lot more to making a deal with a drop-shipper than knowing their website address. You need to know how to deal with the suppliers you find in order do get what you want (best prices, order quantities, drop shipping arrangements etc.)

35% off a calculator is not wholesale prices! You can get those kinds of deals in department store sales (real wholesale prices are a lot lower than that)

There is a ton of people out there that claim to be real drop shippers. But in reality all they are is a bunch of middle men. These people can be easily spotted by their worthless merchandise, high prices and even a membership fees! A real supplier would NEVER charge you for the chance of doing business with them.

I have also learned that most “drop shipping lists” (I bought 26) give you links to online “drop shippers” instead of actual wholesale suppliers that drop ship. The problem with this is that most online “drop shippers” are middle men with prices way too high to make a profit on the internet.

It does not matter how much dollars worth of products you sell, what matters is how much you keep (profit). This is why it is a good idea to buy your products at the lowest prices possible (below wholesale). The less you pay for your products the more money you get to keep when you actually sell the products.

But, the most important thing I have learned is exactly how and where to find a drop-shipper for anything you want, in just a few minutes. And that is the most important thing you will learn in the....

"Drop-Ship Anything"


Once you download the "Drop-Ship Anything" guide, you will also learn...


How to easily find a drop shipping supplier for virtually any product you just a few minutes.

Exactly how to deal with suppliers in order to get what you want (best prices, order quantities etc.)

The amazing secrets about something called back door suppliers. This will teach you how real eBay power sellers get their hands on the extremely hard to get items (expensive watches, rare electronics, and other things that are next to impossible to find)

How to start from scratch, with no money or products to sell!

The one rule you must follow before you make any deal with any supplier (this can lead to literally thousands of dollars in saved money for only half an hour of your time)

How to work less hours and make more money: A simple formula used by some of today's biggest online sellers to choose the products they want to sell. And make the most amount of money in the least amount of time with no extra effort (this is truly fool proof!)

How to choose the perfect product to sell: Learn which products will bring in the biggest profit margins.

Things to watch out for: What to do when a supplier refuses to give you samples, what to do when a supplier accepts only one kind of payment method, how to NOT get ripped off by the many con artists and scumbags etc.

The one irresistible offer you can make a supplier to make them forget about those large minimum order quantities. They will love you for it, and will want to do business with you again and again.

How to get your products fresh from the factory (this is where wholesalers get their products.)

The most important thing of all...You can find a real drop-shipper for ANY product you want!

And you will learn much, much more (over 40 pages more!) of extremely valuable information and advice!

But don't just take my word for it,
listen to what my customers are saying:

"Hi Dima,

Your guide is so simple and easy to follow, I can’t believe how quickly I was able to find drop-shipper for the products I wanted (mostly digital cameras). Finding a drop shipper is so easy now that I have your guide. I know exactly where to look, how to deal with the drop shippers and have the resources to find a drop-shipper for just about any product I will ever want.

I am happy to say that with the help of your guide I am now able to move on to the next step of my business…selling the products and making money!

I highly recommend Dima’s drop-shipping guide for anyone to looking to get off to a quick start with their business.

Thank you for making such a great guide,"

Anna Malmazada
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



I have had a chance to review your drop-shipping guide. I have to tell you I was shocked. I have looked into drop-shipping before as a supplement income to my dog training website. I wanted to offer some additional products and be competitive in price for my readers. I had previously purchased a popular drop-shipper list on the internet to find products for my site. I was totally disappointed. I had few selections, and the cost of products offered were so high, it would cost me money on any product I would have offered.

Your guide not only offers a huge selection of resources for me to work with, they are also true distributors that the little guy can work with. I am now motivated again to offer products on my page and as we speak, I am contacting several companies to set up my orders. The additional information in your books have given me a better insight about working with drop-shipping. I thought you just placed an order and the product was sent. Your training and tips have taught me how to set up and work with various companies. Thank you for putting out a great book."


Joseph L. Bickel
Fort Wayne, Indiana USA



You have really outdone yourself Drop Ship Anything is amazing. After reading the ebook, I found 2 great drop shippers for a product that I was looking for within an hour. I really like the fact that you revealed everything that you need to succeed with drop shipping. All your secrets and strategies have my mind on over drive with ideas and possibilities. The material in this ebook is priceless because of everything that I have learned. Keep up the good work. "

Richard Perez


"Dima’s guide is something that every online entrepreneur should have. The Drop-Ship-Anything guide teaches you exactly where to look, how to negotiate with drop shippers, what NOT to do and most importantly gives you the resources to quickly find a drop shipper for just about any product you want.

In fact, unless you have read Dima’s guide you are most probably looking in the wrong places for drop shippers. The Drop-Ship-Anything guide will point you in the right direction and teach you everything you need to know to get it right the first time and continue on with your business venture.

Great guide Dima, keep up the good work!"

Max Prytyka
Toronto Ont.


"Dear Dima,

You're going to get in trouble revealing all those excellent *real* drop ship sources! When word of "Drop Ship Anything" gets out - a lot of those so-called drop shippers are probably going to go out of business.

Plus, the business and deal making secrets you reveal are going to prove very profitable for anyone who puts them into action. For instance, me - I'm already using this info to build lists of potential suppliers for several niche markets I'm targeting with my websites. Incredible.

Great job. - And a real bargain too."


James B. Allen
Kamakura, Japan


"Hello Dima,

Wish I'd had your Drop-Ship-Anything Guide years ago. As a former reseller, I know just how true many of your warnings and cautions are...and also just how profitable it can be if you do it right.

Doing it right the first time is the key to success. I highly recommend Drop-Ship-Anything to anyone who wants to get into selling drop shipped merchandise the right way."

Sandi Bowman
Seaside, OR USA


"You know, I've always knew a very small amount of people are making a killing with drop shipping. Also I've always wanted to know how it works and more importantly, were can I find the products.

Dima's ebook unlocked those doors for me. If you are you are serious about making money then this book could just be the info you need. Oh, I was really happy to learn why I could never find drop shippers and learn where they are.

Thanks Dima,

Craig Desorcy


"Just finished reading your guide and all I can say is WOW! I can’t believe how easy it is to find a drop ship supplier with the resources you give…it takes just a few minutes. Before I got your guide I have spent about two months looking for a reliable drop ship supplier and all I could find was companies that offered to drop ship crap I can’t sell.

Now that I have your guide all that has changed, I can actually start my business instead of wasting time by looking for drop ship suppliers every day.

The Drop-Ship-Anything guide is a must have for all those looking to start their online business ASAP. After reading Dima’s guide there won’t be any excuses left for not starting your business because you will have everything you need.

Great guide Dima, worth many times more than what you charge for it!"

Paul O'Donnell
Melbourne, Australia

How Much is all this Information
Worth to You?

Remember, I've spent literally hundreds of hours researching the best possible ways of finding real drop-shippers.

I've talked to over 50 eBay power sellers, bought 26 drop-shipping lists, and contacted over 500 wholesale drop-shippers and manufacturers.

I've spent countless sleepless nights sifting through all this information, getting rid of the junk, and keeping only the best of the best.

The final result is a no fluff, straight to the point drop shipping guide, chuck full of ONLY the cream of the crop resources, information and advice.

So, how much is all this information worth to you? How much is the ability to find a drop-shipper for anything, anytime you want, worth to you?


Save $30.00
Not $67.95


Yup, that's right... I'm giving it away for $37.95! My friends think I'm crazy...
and they should, because...

My competitors charge about the same price I charge, for information on finding only a few types of products (for example, Nike shoe drop-shippers list, cell phones drop-shippers lists etc.).

With my guide you can find a drop-shipper for ANY product you want (you can find a drop-shipper for Nike shoes, cell phones and millions of other products).

So, in theory, this makes my guide millions of times more valuable than my competitors'.;-) But I still sell my guide for only $37.95

Let me sweeten the offer.
Act right now, and I'll throw in
these 5 special bonuses:


As you may already know, some products are extremely hard to come by for resale purposes (even if you have the money to afford a large order). This guide teaches you exactly how, where and what to do in order to get your hands on those extremely hard to find but HOT and profitable products.

  • Learn exactly where and how to find those extremely hard to find prestigious products (REAL Rolex watches, designer handbags etc.)
  • Learn the same methods used by Platinum power sellers to get their hands on the insanely profitable products they sell.
  • The truth about Luis Vuitton Wholesale lists
  • And much, much more!

Value = $19.97 (This bonus is 100% original and can't be bought anywhere else)

For those of you that are interested in selling the products you find on eBay, you will also get an eBay selling pack which consists of 3 special bonuses that contain valuable and useful information about selling on eBay. You will learn:

  • Lethal mistakes to avoid.
  • 10 things that can absolutely kill your sales.
  • Ways to make people want to buy from you, not your competition.
  • 5 easy ways to improve the number of bids your auctions recieve up to 50%.
  • And much, much more (over 40 pages more!)

Total value of all 4 bonuses = over $100

You get the "Drop-Ship-Anything" guide + all the bonuses for only $37.95

Start contacting real drop-shippers for the products you want in just a few minutes after you download the “Drop-Ship Anything" guide!

I am extremely confident that you will absolutely love the "Drop-Ship Anything" guide, because I have spent a lot of effort making my guide live up to the claims I make on this website.

You have nothing to lose with my
Iron-Clad, No Risk Guarantee:

GUARANTEE: Get the Drop-Ship-Anything guide right now and read it over. Try the information out. If you are for any reason at all not 100% satisfied with the Drop-Ship-Anything guide, send me an email within six weeks of purchasing, and I will personally refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. It's as simple as that.

REMEMBER: The guarantee means that if you feel the "Drop-Ship Anything" Guide does not deliver on the promises made on this website you get your money back. So if your worried about your money, don't! Because if my guide doesn't deliver you get your money back.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. With the above guarantee, the risk is 100% on me. So why not give my guide a try right now?

Purchase Online with Credit Card via Secure Server


You will be downloading and reading the
"Drop-Ship Anything" guide
ebook and incredible bonuses
within just a few minutes from now...

To your success,
Dima Sorokine

P.S. If you came to this website looking for information on finding drop-shippers, this guide is for you. No other drop shipping information product offers such valuable, in-depth, no fluff insight on this exciting topic. With this guide, you will be able to find a drop shipper for ANY product you want. Be it computer

P.P.S. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with my Money Back Guarantee. You simply can't lose. If you don't like the guide, you get your money's as simple as that.

P.P.P.S. The sooner you get the "Drop-Ship Anything" Guide, the sooner you will be able to find a drop-shipper for the product(s) you want.


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