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Do You Sincerely Want to Make a Million in Mail Order?

Kail Order Riches Success Kit

Today YOU have a golden opportunity to make millions in mail order! There’s never been a better time to make big money in this easy, laid-back way!

Your Golden Opportunity

Thousands of moneymaking opportunities exist today for the mail-order beginner. Get rich without ever going to work! Cash in on the double-income family that has plenty of money to spend but no time to spend it! So they shop by mail — sending you buckets of cash every day!

Order your money-in-the-bank, good-as-gold ‘Mail Order Riches Success Kit’ today and start:

  • Seeing your mailbox stuffed with big cash orders every day
  • Going to the bank each day to deposit money–not take it out
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  • Racking up easy, overnight profits in the world’s best business!

Choose Any Product for Your Business

This big, opportunity-of-a-life Kit will deliver sizzling sales of any item you want to sell by mail order. You’ll have a top-dollar income because the author of the Kit, Ty Hicks, has made millions in mail order himself. He shows you exactly:

  • How to start your mail-order business at home in just hours
  • Where to find products that will deliver megabucks to your wallet
  • Dozens of ways to bring money into YOUR business in just a few days
  • How to find low-cost (and no-cost) mailing lists to use
  • Secret ways to get the people to buy from you again and again

Move Ahead Easily

This big Kit helps you move ahead with little or no effort. You owe it to yourself to advance great wealth! To go for it … to live your dreams in your own golden-opportunity business!

Then you might be rejoicing like the following readers, who told us:

“I ordered your Kit two months ago. I’ve already made $16,400 from it and project an income of over $100,000 In the next 10 months. Thanks for the time you spent with me on the phone-you’ve been wonderful.”

“I raised $200,000 from a 20,000 mailing in just a few weeks. Thanks for your help!”

“Not long ago I was working my head off at two jobs and not enjoying either. Now I make more money and work at home when I feel like it.”

So send for the BIG ‘Mail Order Riches Success Kit’ which is guaranteed to give YOU the information YOU need to start your own riches-building mail-order business that can deliver millions to YOUR mailbox!

Includes 99% of What You Need to Get Started — The Rest you Learn by Doing

Priced at only $97.00, Ty Hicks tells thousands of his happy buyers: “This Kit gives YOU 99% of what YOU need to know to get started in mail order today. The other 1% you learn by doing — while you bring in the big bucks!”

Now is your chance to get everything you need to get started in mail order in one place- the Mail Order Riches Success Kit. Order it today.

  • Pick moneymaking products or services to earn YOUR millions
  • Reach your income goals quickly and easily in your own business
  • Get any financing YOU may need to start making YOUR millions!
  • Getting rich with printed products, food products, and gadgets, convenience, hobby and unusual products
  • Profit-making tips and tools for YOUR mail-order business success

Mail-Order Riches Success Kit; 9 Speed-Read Books; over 600 pages.

Summary Description

This kit is just $99.50.

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