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The New Cash Flow Notes and Mortgage Cash-Out Program

Tyler G. Hicks | International Wealth Success, Inc.

This valuable program shows you how to earn substantial fees for finding buyers of cash-flow notes (such as lawsuit settlements, lottery winnings, business cash-flow notes, negotiated settlements, annuities, and real estate mortgage notes of many kinds) that people no longer want a monthly income from. Instead, they want cash NOW, even if the cash they receive is less than the total amount they would get if they waited out the full payment schedule. This moneymaking kit includes:

  • Cash-Flow Notes/Mortgage Cash-Out Manual, 80 pages, 8.5×11 in.
  • Forms you can use in your cash-flow notes business
  • Ways to find clients nationwide
  • Finding buyers for 2nd mortgages, trust deeds, land contracts
  • Locating buyers for lawsuit settlements, annuities, lottery winnings
  • Sample classified ads for finding motivated clients
  • Easy Internet marketing of your services
  • Getting on the Internet free of charge
  • Sample direct mail and e-mail letters for finding clients
  • How to quote a price to a client
  • Typical fees you can earn for all kinds of cash-flow notes
  • Partial purchase of cash-flow notes
  • Lenders you can use to finance your business
  • How to find money on the Internet
  • Lenders you can work with directly to fund your business
  • Earn a big income in note brokering
  • Work with investors seeking the notes your handling
  • Get started on little cash of your own
  • You never invest your own money—others invest their money
  • Work from home with little more than your telephone
  • No license required when you work with mortgage brokers
  • Get started in less than one day—operate part- or full-time
  • Earn more in a month than some people earn in a year
  • Valuable free Bonus with your Cash-Flow/Mortgage Cash-Out Kit!
  • Be a star performer in this lucrative field with this valuable kit.
  • Free telephone consultation with Ty Hicks for kit buyers.
  • Kit contains more than 250 pages, 8.5×11-in.
  • Just $150.00.

International Wealth Success, Inc. Special Discount

How Much Is The Special Discount?

Get 20% off all International Wealth Success, Inc. products on the Yenom Marketing Inc. website by using discount code “YENOM“.

How Much Are Shipping and Handling Charges?

Per Book (Priority): USA-$5.00 | CANADA-$14.00 | REST OF WORLD-$20.00
Per Kit (Priority): USA-$11.00 | CANADA-$44.00 | REST OF WORLD-$56.00

If you choose the digital version of a product (where available), there are no shipping charges.
Also, since you are ordering a downloadable product (such as PDF or MP3 files), you should receive it much faster.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

International Wealth Success, Inc. offers a Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded guarantee as follows: On physical products – 30 days (exclusive of shipping and handling charges); On digital products – 7 days.

How Do I Calculate My Order?

  • Cost of item(s)
  • Minus: 20% Discount using discount code “YENOM“.
  • Plus: Shipping and Handling Charges

How Do I Order and Pay?


  • Phone: 516-766-5850 (Toll Free in the U.S.: 1-800-323-0548) from 8am to 10pm Eastern Time. (Pay by credit card.)
  • Fax: 516-766-5919 (Pay by credit card.)
  • Email: (For security reasons, International Wealth Success, Inc. will send you an invoice.)
  • Mail: International Wealth Success, Inc.
    P.O. Box 186
    Merrick, NY 11566-0186
    (Inside U.S.A.: Pay by credit or debit card, check, or money order.
    Outside U.S.A.: Pay by PayPal, check or money order only.)

Do You Offer Full Customer Support?

Yes. Contact International Wealth Success, Inc. using the contact information immediately above.

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