How to Profit With a Direct Sales Website ...


"Learn how this regular guy from Oregon has been quietly raking in $32,876 A DAY with
his ugly, outdated web site
spending a dime
on traffic or advertising!"*


You're about to discover the closely-guarded secrets behind one man's astonishing online success story...

It wasn't easy, but I managed to get access to a top-secret interview where "Mr. H." spills his guts for a full 101 minutes explaining exactly how he's managed to go from $3,500 a day in 2001... to $23,850 a day in 2003... to over $32,876 per day right now.

That's over $12,000,000 this year alone!* Keep reading to hear his story...

* Please note that the testimonials and examples used below are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average person or purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.


From: J. Stephen Pope
Monday, 10:44 a.m.

Dear Friend,

If you want more sales, most “authorities” will tell you to generate more traffic. But advertising is expensive and risky. There’s no guarantee that you’ll make back more than you spend. And other methods -- like link exchanges and affiliate programs -- require tons of time and effort to get going.

Now don’t get me wrong. Traffic is one key ingredient in your success. But what good is traffic if none (or very few) of your visitors are buying?

And how valuable is a customer who buys once, but then never comes back?

What if you could watch your NEW customers turn into passionate repeat customers -- who come back and beg you to charge their credit cards again and again?

Are YOU losing money with these
simple but common mistakes?

Friend, you and I share a common problem.

When we describe our products online, we can only “guess” what our visitors want most, and what problems they’re most anxious to solve.

We can list all of the benefits that WE think are valuable, all of the problems WE think our products help solve. But if we don’t arouse their hot buttons right away, most will lose interest and click off.

To maximize sales, we need to know what each visitor is truly desperate for. We’ve got to feed that hungry desire.

And we’ve got to do it immediately -- before they lose interest.

The problem?...

Every visitor to your web site is looking for different benefits, and suffering from different problems!

"Mr. H." has agreed to show you his million dollar secret
for turning your visitors' secret desires into CASH!*

Here’s the scoop: I recently gained access to a 101-minute confidential recording session, revealing the inside secrets of a man who I can only refer to as “Mr. H” for now. He's developed a simple but amazingly powerful approach to web marketing.

I was astonished to learn that "Mr. H." has discovered a way to get inside the minds of each and every one of your prospects -- and find out exactly what they want, what problems they're most desperate to solve, and what's keeping them from buying TODAY!

Imagine for a moment that you suddenly had the ability to tailor all of your follow-up messages to every single one of your prospects, triggering their individual hot buttons, to make them come racing back to buy from you?

Better still, what if you could customize your follow up to ALL of your visitors, and put this whole process on “auto pilot”?

That's exactly what Mr. H is doing right now at his simple little web site (which even HE admits is ugly) -- and you're about to learn all his most coveted secrets!


Mr. H is NOW making $32,876 per day...

... And he's doing it using 5 brilliant strategies that can
easily be applied to every e-business I know!*

Surprisingly, Mr H's techniques have nothing to do with running ads, trading links, mass e-mailing, getting ranked high in search engines, or promoting his site to the general public.

Instead, he relies on 5 exceptional strategies that he's developed over the years.

The first of his 5 strategies works something like this...

Rather than “guessing” what benefits his visitors want most, and what problems they’re anxious to solve, Mr. H uses a foolproof strategy that compels his visitors to volunteer this information.

And once a visitor reveals their personal hot buttons, Mr. H tailors his follow up to their individual wants, frustrations, and needs. He explains how his product will help them achieve their SPECIFIC goals, and solve their SPECIFIC problems.

Likewise, when a visitor leaves his site without buying, he finds out what SPECIFIC objections they have, so he can answer them in his follow up.

Compare that to the usual “one size fits all” approach -- where advertisers try to address every possible benefit, problem, and objection... Most prospects get overwhelmed and quit reading.

Thanks to this stealth method...

5-7% of Mr. H’s visitors buy his $159 product!

... Since he averages 3,000 visitors per day (compared to his 100 visitors a day just a few years ago), that translates into 150 to 200 new customer sales each and every day. And that’s not including backend sales, when they come back to buy more!

In fact, after spending $159 on this initial purchase, the average customer goes on to spend a total of $800 on his backend products! (i.e. other related products he sells).

I wish I could claim credit for inventing this technique. But since I can’t, I’ve done the next best thing:

I've secured the rights to an exclusive 101-minute audio recording where Mr. H reveals the "down and dirty" details about this and four of his other steaming-hot new secrets.

"Why Mr. H allowed himself to be arm-twisted into giving away these million-dollar web marketing strategies..."

The truth is that the ONLY reason Mr. H. agreed to let this interview be recorded is because he simply isn't worried about competition!

He already "owns" his market!

So he knows that people like you and me will make far MORE money* applying his techniques to OTHER products and industries, than by trying to steal his business...

Why his "invisible" follow-up secrets snowballed into
record-breaking sales of over $23,850 per day...

I call Mr. H's methods “invisible” because your competitors will never see you using them. So they can never steal your techniques -- unless they hear it from me, too...

But you're probably wondering...

  • How does he get his visitors to reveal so much information?

  • At what stage in his sales process does he ask them about their wants and frustrations?

  • How does he customize his follow up to each individual?

  • How does he automate the whole process, so that each prospect gets a custom response automatically?

His system is both brilliant... and astonishingly simple!

In fact, the web site Mr. H. uses to generate these hefty profits of $23,850 per day NOW looks almost exactly the same as it did in 2001... back when he was "only" making $1.2 million a year.

In other words, this interview DOESN'T have anything to do with complicated programming tricks!

But using this system...

Your visitors WILL reveal far more
information than they ever intended!*

You might not believe that web surfers would stop and tell you about their most pressing desires and problems. And without Mr. H’s secrets, you’d be right. You’d get very few responses. But he’s come up with an ingenious approach.

You’ll learn how he entices visitors to reveal their most pressing desires and problems. What’s more, you’ll be privy to the exact copy and graphics his visitors see. So you can “steal” this income-exploding technique, and tailor it to your lead product.

Mr. H has also developed the most impressive post-sales support and referral system I’ve ever seen. So new customers become fiercely loyal repeat customers, highly responsive to his subsequent offers.

No wonder he has over 150,000 customers in 172 countries. No wonder he’s on track to gross $12 million this year... WOW!

When you grab this exclusive audio recording, you’ll discover:

  • The exact points in your sales copy where visitors lose interest. For example, Mr. H discovered a point in his sales letter where 32% of his readers were clicking off. Once you pinpoint these weak spots, you can fix these sections and see an instant jump in your sales.

  • How you can create bonuses that make people want more of what you’re selling (and increase customer satisfaction at the same time).

  • How to create a “better than risk free” guarantee -- so your prospects feel like they’ll come out ahead, no matter what they decide.

  • How to keep more visitors glued to your sales copy -- without having to rewrite it. How to look at your copy from the prospect’s point of view.

  • How you can create information products that can sell like crazy... and maximize the “perceived value” of these products, so customers pay you top dollar.

  • How to discover what’s keeping your visitors from buying... then tailor your follow up, so it overcomes that specific objection... and have it all done automatically. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!
  • The “forgotten” technique that Mr. H used to multiply his sales by 400% overnight. No joke. In the online community, most of us are so sophisticated, we’ve forgotten the power of this old fashioned technique.

  • When should you discount your products, and when should you add bonuses? Choosing the wrong approach at the wrong time can devalue your product, and cripple your ability to make back end offers.

  • How many follow up messages Mr. H’s visitors receive, how far apart they are, and how far into the future they are sent.

  • Which type of guarantee produces the least number of returns? You’ve probably seen everything from 30-day to lifetime guarantees, and heard many different opinions. Now get a conclusive answer from an Internet marketing wizard who grossed $8 million per year.

  • How to structure your “final last chance” offer to skeptics who’ve been holding out -- and make them painfully aware of the problem they wanted to solve months earlier.

Discover how ONE simple strategy can
eliminate 100% of your advertising risk!*

Any time you pay to advertise, you’re taking a risk. If the ad bombs, you’ve wasted your money. That’s why Mr. H is a big fan of joint ventures. How do they work?

Other business owners recommend your product(s) to their e-mail lists, and you split the profits with them. Since they get paid in direct proportion to the sales they generate, this gives them a huge motivation to recommend your products.

However, while the concept is great, it’s not always easy to get started. Not everyone you approach will endorse your products to their lists. After all, if they recommend your product, and you don’t deliver as promised, it’ll hurt their credibility. And if you fudge your profits, or drag your feet sending their share, it’ll be a pain for them to collect.

That’s why Mr. H reveals how to...

  • Overcome reluctance from potential joint venture partners, and establish a reputation for honesty and integrity. The result: new joint venture partners will be eager to recommend your products again. And they’ll tell others about their experience.

  • Go after super-targeted "niche" joint venture opportunities that your competitors haven't thought of.

  • Create “win win” opportunities that joint venture prospects won’t be able to refuse.

  • Thousands of web sites are starved for content (i.e. useful tips and information). Learn to get free advertising by supplying them with articles. Naturally, every article contains a link back to your site. And you don’t even have to be a good writer. Mr. H will show you how he gets other people to write articles for him!

Never again "settle" for one or two sales per customer... *

Learn how Mr. H persuades his 'average' customer
to buy $800 worth of backend products... automatically!

You probably already know that generating new customers isn’t cheap.

For example, if you spend 25 cents to get a “click”, and 1% of your visitors buy your product, you’ve got to spend $25.00 to make one sale.

Well here’s great news. Mr. H’s follow up approach gives you the potential to turn all of your new customers into fiercely loyal repeat customers... You can watch them come back for more, and recommend your product to their friends.

Whether you’ve got one product now or a dozen, you could profit wildly by learning how to...

  • Multiply your backend sales by giving away surprise free gifts, like books and reports.

  • Use customer feedback to create the follow-up products they desperately want -- giving you a lucrative backend.

  • Create and sell these backend products by the hundreds -- for up to $300 apiece!

  • Get up to a 20% response rate whenever you promote “back end” products to your past customers.

  • Improve your cash flow and increase the lifetime value of your customers. Once you know the lifetime value of your average customer, learn to structure discounts that’ll entice customers to make even bigger purchases.
  • Create up to 12 levels of "back end" products that will keep your customers opening their wallets to you time and time again.

  • Evaluate your ad results based on the lifetime value of a customer. For example, your lead product might only generate $49 of income. But the average lifetime value of your customer could be $500. Learn to analyze your customers’ buying history and calculate this crucial number.

  • How you can make a small fortune endorsing other people’s products (if you don’t have many backend products of your own).

You’ll also discover...

  • What to send your customers -- and how often -- to make sure they get the benefits you promised. You won’t believe how dramatically this can multiply your back end sales and referrals!

  • Should you join affiliate programs, joint venture, or create your own back end products? Get the down-and-dirty pros and cons.

  • How Mr. H’s ingenious follow up system turns first time buyers into repeat customers -- with an average lifetime value of $800 per customer!*

  • If you choose to spend money on ads, how much should you spend to get a new customer? Once you know the lifetime value of your average customer, you can run a limitless number of ads without risk!

How to transform hesitant first-time visitors
into fiercely loyal repeat buyers!

With persuasive advertising, you could generate thousands of orders for a run-of-the-mill product. But you won’t get much repeat business. (And you may get a ton of refunds.)

On the other hand, if you over-deliver the first time around, customers will trust you to give them real value in the future. That translates to profitable mailings, every time you return with new offers. And satisfied customers will naturally refer others to you. Now consider this question:

Have you ever had customers order from you, but then never “get around” to using your product?

If they never get any benefit from that first product, how likely are they to buy from you again?

As I’ve mentioned, Mr. H has found that the average “lifetime value” of his customers is $800. But if someone buys his $159.00 lead product and never uses it, they’re probably never going to buy his other products either. That means he’s losing $641.00 -- his typical “back end” earnings.

For this reason, he goes to great lengths to ensure that new customers fall in love with his lead product.

When you listen to "How to Profit With A Direct Sales Web Site", you’ll also learn how to:

  • Light a fire under slow-starting customers who haven’t started using your product yet. When it comes to this topic, Mr. H has literally hit the mother lode! Once your customers get the results they originally wanted, they’ll shower you with repeat business and referrals.

  • Win more trust from your customers -- and potentially multiply your sales -- by “backing off” from selling. Learn to balance sales with rapport.

  • Find out which bonuses will increase your customers’ satisfaction with their original purchases.

  • Three ways to over-deliver, showing your customers that you sincerely care about them and their successes... and the HUGE potential payoff in backend sales. Use these techniques and you could be watching your repeat business snowball!

  • How often to send support messages to your new customers, and what to include in each message.

  • Turn mistakes into sales by over-delivering on your solution. Even Mr. H isn’t perfect; some of his customers had problems with his products -- but he turned that to his advantage. Find out how he used these problems to create new products, and to strengthen relationships with his customers.

  • What Mr. H’s top affiliates all have in common. 5-6% of his affiliates produce 90% of his sales. Once you discover what they all have in common, you can focus your time and effort recruiting affiliates who fit this profile.

  • How to set your newsletter apart, so that your visitors and customers take the time to read it... and how to get others to provide the content for your newsletter.

Want proof that Mr. H's strategies can work for YOU?*

By this point, you're probably wondering if Mr. H's secret marketing system will work for you and your situation...

So I want to point out that Mr. H doesn't sell anything rare or unusual:

  • He does NOT move thousands of widgets at low-ball prices...
  • And he does NOT deal in anything sleazy!

... He sells a simple niche product for a specifically targeted market, just like most people trying to make money on the Internet!

And that's what REALLY impressed me about his marketing system. It truly can be applied to ANY online business, no matter what product or service you sell!

How Mr. H. turned his life around and went from
earning less than $30,000 a year... to $32,876 per DAY!

Listen: If you are selling something over the Internet -- or even just THINKING about it -- getting your hands on the "Mr. H" secrets can literally mean the difference between 'just getting by' and making your online income dreams a reality.

That may sound like a bold claim, but think of it this way... Before Mr. H got started online, he was working for less than $30,000 a year. One day, he simply made a choice to try something different, and this year, he'll make over $12,000,000 (well over $32,800 per day!)

The best part is that YOU don't have to 'reinvent the wheel!' Mr. H has already developed a system that you can use to convert HUGE numbers of your visitors into paying customers AND keep selling to those same people -- over and over again!

Three incredible bonuses to help you skyrocket
your sales -- at no charge to you!*

If you act now and you're one of the next 250 people to claim your copy of "How to Profit with a Direct Sales Website" you'll not only receive the complete 101-minute interview with the famous Mr. H... I'll also pile on three generous bonuses worth $361 at absolutely NO additional charge:

Bonus #1: The Original Mr. H. Interview (Value: $197)

I first heard of Mr. H. back in 2001, and was so blown away with his business model that I secured the rights to an audio recording that explained his strategies in detail for the very first time anywhere.

When this confidential 92-minute interview was released, Mr. H’s web site was only receiving 100 visitors per day, yet it was generating $3,500 a day! This interview originally sold for $197 -- and it was a bargain at that price -- but when you claim this brand-new interview, I'll include this original interview absolutely FREE!

You'll be able to hear for yourself how his business has evolved over the years -- how he's managed to go from $3,500 a day in 2001... to $23,850 a day in 2003... to over $32,876 per day right now. (That adds up to $12,000,000 this year!)

In it, you’ll get a simple but powerful 4-step blueprint for building a successful web marketing business -- regardless of what product or service you sell. You’ll get complete, step-by-step details on how he combines an ingenious front-end selling system with a powerful backend sales program.

And you’ll learn to start generating actual sales from your web site, so you can stop giving everything away for free, hoping someone eventually buys. Here’s what a few people who've heard this interview have to say about it:

Bonus #2: Workbook: “The Critical Information You Need to Apply the Secrets 'Mr. H.' Uses to Rake in Millions Every Year to YOUR Web Site” (Value: $67)

This 32-page workbook breaks Mr. H’s system down into its five key components and shows you exactly how to take his explosive strategies and put them into place on your OWN site. Thanks to screenshots, you’ll see the actual “device” he uses to uncover his visitors’ personal hot buttons, so absolutely nothing is left to the imagination!

(Armed with this priceless piece of information, you too can find out what your visitors want most, what problems they’re desperate to solve, and what’s holding them back from buying!)

You’ll be privy to the priceless questions Mr. H. asks his visitors, and you'll also see the complete details behind his lucrative “custom tailoring process” that allows him to extract an average of $800 out of each of his customers.

This workbook literally walks you through the process of adapting Mr. H’s strategies to your web site, and also includes links to the resources he recommends so that you can start using the "Mr. H." strategies the same day you receive your interview!

Bonus #3: A Fast-Paced 30-Minute 'Question & Answer' Period With "Mr. H." (Value: $97)

When this exclusive interview with Mr. H. was recorded, a select group of listeners was invited to listen in and write down any questions that they wanted Mr. H. to address.

Then, in an additional recording session, Mr. H was drilled for answers on the 9 biggest questions from listeners to the first call.

For example, you’ll get a foolproof formula for calculating the lifetime value of your average customer. You’ll learn six ways to snowball your credibility and potentially increase your sales. And you’ll finally understand why long ad copy generates more sales than short copy.


You'll get years of Mr. H's priceless testing and research
boiled down into TWO mind-blowing audio interviews...

... so you can apply the SAME system he's using
to make $32,876 per day RIGHT NOW to your business!

When you take action and claim your copy of "How to Profit From a Direct Sales Website," you're grabbing your chance to literally snowball the profitability of your online business.

You will get immediate access to the 101-minute interview with Mr. H, called "How To Profit With A Direct Sales Web Site" via our online multi-media streaming system. No waiting for CDs.

PLUS you will also receive access to:

  • The 92-minute Original "Mr. H." interview
    (Valued at $197... but yours FREE!)

  • The comprehensive 32-page strategy guide for implementing Mr. H.'s lucrative marketing system to YOUR business.
    (Valued at $67... but yours FREE!)

  • The 30 minute "Q & A" session where Mr. H. goes into even greater depth to answer your most burning questions.
    (Valued at $97... but yours FREE!)

... And you'll get it all for just $27.00 -- a substantial 95% discount off the $558 it would cost you to purchase each piece separately!  Other customers, before we secured the license for these interviews were paying $197 US to get these same Audio file on CD.  

Our 100% Bulletproof 60-Day
"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

I want everyone who claims their copy of "How To Profit With A Direct Sales Website" to tell their friends and associates (but not their competitors!) about all the great information it contains, since I know that positive word-of-mouth can sell more of this product than all the advertising in the world.

So, to make sure that you have NOTHING but great things to tell people about this interview package, I insist that you spend 60 days listening to this material over and over again at absolutely no risk to you!

Take what you've learned from Mr. H. and apply it to your business. If -- after three full months have passed -- you don't agree that this interview was worth at least double what you paid for it, simply call me for a prompt 100% refund.

NO hassles and NO questions asked!

Can YOUR business afford to
keep ignoring these strategies?

Listen, friend: If your web marketing isn’t making you big money, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this risk-free opportunity today. If you don’t, how else are you going to multiply the number of visitors who buy from you?

Remember: Mr. H. started from right where you are now, and he was able to quickly grow his online business from ZERO visitors and ZERO sales to $1.2 million a year -- and that was back in 2001!

Since then -- using the same techniques you'll uncover for yourself -- he's been able to skyrocket his business to over $8 million in 2003! And he's on track for more than $12 million in 2005!

And you get to listen in on ALL his secret strategies -- with absolutely NO RISK to you for 60 days -- so that you can prove to yourself that these methods will work for your business. If they don't, it won't have cost you a cent because I'll have refunded your money.

But if you're not one of the next 250 people to claim access to this brand-new interview, you’ll lose out on the original interview with Mr. H.  See our systems can only handle 250 people on their at any one time.

You can even download these interviews onto your computer and listen to them at your leisure ...

That's right you can download these interview in ...

                      - MP3 Format for your IPOD
                      - Windows Media Player in WMA format,
                      - or you can listen to them being Streamed from our servers ...

And that's not even the worst part...

If your competitors, download these interviews and  implement these powerful new techniques before you do, they could leave you in the dust. And once they do, it’ll be much harder for you to ever catch up.

Shouldn’t YOU be the one to profit from an unfair competitive advantage?

Right now is the time to discover the “pot of gold” beyond paid advertising, search engines, and promoting your site to the general public. Right now is the time to start learning how to make millions from your visitors and customers.

You are going to get immediate access to five hours worth of strategies on how to build a successful Direct Sales Website.  No waiting for days for access.  Immediate Access, so in just 5 hours you could be putting these strategies into place.


How to Profit With a Direct Sales Website

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: There are no guarantees in life. You could actually lose money in business.



J. Stephen Pope

P.S. Just imagine yourself 60 days from now, looking back on today’s purchase with pride, and patting yourself on the back. Your web site can finally be generating the income you deserve.

P.P.S. Remember, you must be one of the next 250 people to order to get access to the free copy of the original Mr. H interview. Please don’t wind up kicking yourself because you missed this opportunity. Why pay extra for this explosive interview (still as useful today as it was back when it was originally recorded) when you can get it for free right now?

P.P.P.S Remember in just 5 hours you could be implementing these strategies and making a change to your online business.

* Please note that the testimonials and examples used above are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average person or purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.
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