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CPA Campaign Plan #1

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If you’ve studied a little bit about CPA, you are probably very ready to get started promoting some offers. There are many different ways to go about this, and some are more profitable than others. Some methods will also be more appealing to you than others. It’s best to read about a few different strategies before you decide on one, and then possibly expand on your strategies as you become an expert at using a particular one.

One of the easiest, and safest, methods to get started with is using simple article marketing and website techniques in order to promote CPA offers. Make sure the offer you are targeting allows you to promote via search engine optimization. Then, you can set up a simple website at places like,, or any other easy site builder you are familiar with.

Choose a website address that is based on the CPA offer, or on the niche you are interested in. Then, add some content on the mini site you build, and make sure this content leads your visitors to click on your CPA offer. Your hope is that your little site gets enough visitors so that you make some great conversions. You can repeat this process by choosing different keywords to focus on so you have a bunch of “feelers” out there all bring you in very targeted traffic.

It’s important to actively drive traffic to your site as well. You can write articles and submit them to sites like You could even build several mini sites and connect them all together so that they count as backlinks to boost your rankings in the search engines.

Don’t get carried away and try to promote to many offers on your mini site. It’s best to focus on small, highly focused sites that lead your visitors to one thing and one thing only — converting the CPA offer!

This method is not for you if you find article writing and site building to be tedious, or you do not need to rely on free methods to get started with CPA. This method is for you if you do not consider yourself to be highly technical (because sites like Squidoo and Blogger are very easy to use) or if you prefer to use free methods versus paid ones like pay per click.

This is a very simple method that is a good starting off point for many people. Once you’ve tested a few offers you can start to expand them and promote them in different ways. That way you’ll have many chances of pulling a great income.

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