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Common Questions About Getting Paid for Surveys!

Getting paid for surveys is an easy and fun way to make extra money. To make more than a few dollars a week you will most likely need to join several paid survey websites. Why? Think about it. Does it make sense to survey people over 50 about the latest online video games or the 20 something crowd about hair loss? Of course not. All of the companies that pay for marketing research surveys want a specific demographic group for each different survey. So the more survey sites you belong to, the more money you can make. But if you join us at Paid Surveys at Home you’ll not have to sign up with so many sites because you’ll get enough surveys to help you start making money doing online surveys.

On that note, below is a list of common questions people have in their mind while searching for getting paid for surveys.

1. How much money can I make?

That depends on how many surveys you are offered, what they pay for completion and how many you actually complete. It could be anywhere from a few dollars a week to a couple hundred.

2. How do I get paid?

Most paid survey websites pay you with either a paper check mailed to your postal address or directly through your PayPal account. Just remember you will need a bank account to open a PayPal account. But you will probably need one to cash the check as well.

3. Will I always be paid in cash?

No, not necessarily. Some paid survey websites pay only in cash while other pay in points that can be traded in for cash or prizes. You need to read all of the agreements on any website you are thinking of joining to find out what they pay in, how you get paid and how often you get paid.

4. Are all “get paid for survey” websites the same?

No. Some of them are scams while others are legitimate businesses. You need to be careful who you sign up with.

5. How can I tell what “get paid for survey” websites are scams?

If they don’t have a privacy policy, a terms of use and a contact page, they are most likely scams. I wouldn’t risk dealing with them. For the other websites, check the online better business bureau and online forums to see if there have been any complaints.

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