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Common and Readily Available Alternatives to Paid Surveys

Yes, you can now get paid to take surveys. Although that may sound slightly far fetched to some, the truth is that it is based on a very old and very useful service known simply as market research.

In tandem with that, there are a number of under alternatives that have also cropped up and housed themselves under this umbrella. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to find them all at the same types of sites.

What are we talking about? Well take a look at some of the common and readily available alternatives to paid surveys:

1. Get paid to eat

Granted, it sounds even more unbelievable than getting paid to take surveys, but it’s true nonetheless, and is part and parcel of certain types of market research as well. Various restaurants and food services are actually willing to pay people to eat at a number of places in order to gather feedback.

2. Get paid to shop

Along the same lines as getting paid to eat, getting paid to shop works in the exact same way, only this time what is generally evaluated is the shopping experience, shopping trends, and so on. Truthfully, there are a number of different areas that this can cover, and each opportunity tends to differ from the next.

3. Get paid to drive

Admittedly, this is a slight departure from what we’ve been talking about so far because it doesn’t involve market research, but involves something else that you should be even more familiar with: Advertising.

Frankly speaking you’re not going to be paid to drive per se, but rather you’re going to be paid for the rights to cover your car full of advertisements when you drive it. Assuming you’re willing to allow your car to be turned into a rolling advert, it is a half decent opportunity.

4. Get paid to give free samples

Somewhat akin to the way certain shops hand out free samples at shopping malls, you could be paid to hand them out to your friends, family, and any random person that you may come across. Again, it is a form of advertising, as you should readily see.

If you’re batting your eyes in disbelief, don’t worry. It is really quite astonishing how many alternatives to paid surveys have cropped up, and judging from the response that each has obtained, it is extremely likely that more is still to come.

So long as it is a two way street with both parties coming out as winners (i.e. the companies that pay, and the people who profit), there are definitely going to be yet more avenues that continue to be explored.

Who knows, in the near future you might even be paid to surf (actually, a number of websites already claim to offer that now!).

What you choose to do is up to you, but considering that you’re going to end up being paid for the sort of things that really don’t require you to go out of your way at all, these really do amount to some pretty sweet deals.

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