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Private Pilot Warning

Learn to fly easily and get your private pilot license done in 30 days or less.
A complete helicopter and fixed wing private pilot course that consists of manuals, handbooks and groundschool training. A ground school course with over 2000 illustrated pages of flight training manuals.


Ace your Police Oral Board

This guide is loaded with tips, tricks and inside info for the oral exam
Learn How To Ace Your Police Oral Board Interview And Land An Exciting Career In Law Enforcement.


Write For A Living

Find Writing Jobs Or Start Your Own Writing Business.
Find Writing Jobs And Gigs Or Start Your Own Writing Business Online. Let Our Professional Writers Help You Make A Full Time Income From Your Writing. Founded By Ny Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas And Elite Content Marketing Expert Alice Seba.


Ace The Firefighter Interview

Learn how to absolutely smoke your firefighter interview so you can get the job.
Learn How to Absolutely Smoke Your Firefighter Interview So You Can Come Out on Top And Get the Job


Start a handyman business

A book and video on how to successfully start and run a handyman business.
Here's a taste of just some of the things you'll learn with this book and video: How to get over the fear of feeling like you don't know enough to do this business. What tool is an absolute must when going on a job. What you won't believe will be one of your most used tools.


Job applications made easy

It can help you to create cover letters, resume, and selection criteria responses quickly.
It includes selection criteria examples, step by step tools, and fully automated templates that are ready to go. This will teach you tips and strategies on how to build a relationship with the panel before the interview, so you can get their attention and stand out from the rest.


Police oral board interview secrets

Discover the techniques, tactics and strategies that will amaze the interview board.
Are you looking for sample police interview questions? We offer strategies and tips on how to pass the police oral board. Learn how to ace the panel interview.


Phone Sex Operator Jobs

Start Working From Home As A Phone Sex Operator.
Start Working From Home As A Phone Sex Operator. Flexible Hours, Work Full Or Part-time When You Want. No Minimum Hours Required. Average Pso Earnings Are $50-$100/hr. Purchasing This Ebook Takes The Guess Work Out Of Finding Legit Phone Operator Jobs.


Killer Interview Secrets

Learn how to answer these job interview questions the right way so you can get hired.
Now you can learn and use the same tools to land multiple job offers as the most successful job seekers. Step-by-step how to implement proven strategies and how to harness your natural attraction instincts.


How To Sell Tickets Online

This Is The Original Tickets Broker Ebook That Teaches You How To Buy And Sell Tickets Online.
With this program, youll learn exactly how to get the best tickets and sell 'em for big bucks just like the pros do. Maximizing your chances of getting the best tickets. You can also set your own hours and decide how much time you want to spend working.


Be A Flight Attendant

The Step-by-step Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant.
The Step-by-step Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant. You're About To Discover How Ordinary People From All Over The World Live The Dream And Become Flight Attendants.


Secrets To Getting A Job Interview

Learn How to Land Your Dream Job.
Interview Secrets will show you how to get job interviews, and how to land your dream job. It is packed with exclusive inside information and tips that will give you the edge over other candidates.


The Art Of Mixing Drinks

Master The Art of Mixing Drinks With The #1 Bartending Package Online.
Inside Rapid Bartender, you will learn basic to advanced bartending tricks. It features pro techniques and strategies in mixing drinks that you will not find anywhere else. Plus, you will be guided in getting a bartending job, so you can make good money from everything you have learned, And more.


Online tutoring jobs

Work from home tutoring online and set your own hours and start making money today.
Online Tutoring Jobs refers to classes that are taught exclusively over the Internet. Teachers and students communicate using tools such as e-mail, message boards, chat rooms, and video conferences.


Online income

Transcription crash course is an ebook which guides you to make money at home.
Transcription Crash Course gives you everything you need to get started as a general transcriptionist quickly and easily. You dont need any special skills, and unlike some business models in fact, if you have a computer and an Internet connection, youve got everything you need.


Profit By Selling Cars

The Tips, Methods And Techniques For A Car Salesman Make A Six Figure Income.
This car sales manual e-Book is written in plain, easy-to-understand English. Its written to be dead-easy to read and understand, and its laid out so you can easily follow this car sales manual so you can start selling more cars and making more commissions.


Teaching interview secrets

Get your dream teaching job within 30 days by teaching interview resource.
How to impress interviewers by preparing your portfolio the right way. Questions youll get about your portfolio and how to answer them. How to prepare an excellent lesson plan, and a detailed sample lesson plan. How to get a superior parent recommendation letter, and a perfect sample.


Tips For Door To Door Sales

Everything You Need To Know To Become A Top Earning Door-To-Door Sales Consultant.
You Will Learn Which Products Work Best With Door-To-Door Sales, So You Wont Waste Time On That. You Will Also Be Taught How To Generate Leads, Handle Objections, And Close Sales The Way Expert Sales Consultants Do. Start Earning The Kind Of Money That Is Worth All The Walking And Knocking.


How to become a dog trainer

How to quickly and easily become a professional dog trainer.
The Dog Trainer Handbook is a hardcore, no-fluff, down-to-action manual to help you become a certified, professional dog trainer fast.


Ebooks For The Job Searcher

This book provides tips to raise a higher salary when starting a new job.
This book provides proven salary negotiation strategies and tips to effectively negotiate a raise or a higher salary when starting a new job. You will learn how to get paid what you are worth and to maximize your earning potential.


Teach Guitar For A Living

Could You Make A Living Teaching Guitar? This Ebook Will Show You How.
A step-by-step guide that will help you to establish yourself as a Private Guitar Tutor in a way that is professional, enjoyable and profitable.


The life champion in you

Downloadable self help ebooks and audio programs motivational self improvement.
You could be learning about achieving success from it within minutes of ordering since this self-improvement ebook version is in Adobe PDF format which can be viewed on any PC or MAC computer.


Corporate Gigs

You can now book more gigs and be a huge success in all your efforts can help you to get the chance to book corporate gigs for all your programs


Police exam guide

Learn how to pass the police officer exam by taking practice test questions.
Learn How To Pass The Police Officer Test, Using Our Step-By-Step Police Exam Study Guide That Will Send Your Name Right To The Top Of The Hiring ListIf You've Ever Wanted To Learn a Sure way To Pass The Police Exam, Look No Further. Right Here, On This Web Page, You'll Discover a Success System.


Mom's work from Home

Complete step by step guide to work from home as a travel agent and earning money today.
Love To Travel? Need Extra Income? This Is It, Complete Step By Step Guide To Working From Home As A Travel Agent And Earning Money Today Exact Steps You Need To Take To Sell Travel On Line, Working From The Comfort Of Your Own Home


Say Goodbye To Your Boss

Ebook(r) Reveals Step By Step How To Own A Profitable Medical Transcription Business At Home
Medical Transcription At Home The Start-Up-System for running your own home business or landing your dream job Ebook(r) Reveals Step By Step How To Own A Profitable Medical Transcription Business At Home


Nursing In Australia

An eBook Guide to Working and Living as a Nurse in Australia
A Step-by-step Guide To Getting A Visa, Job And Registration and Relocating And Settling In Australia. In 3 Parts, An Invaluable, User-friendly Guide For Overseas Nurses, Midwives And International Nursing Students Wanting To Work, Study and Live In Australia.


Career Fulfillment Guide

Discover your Self-Development Exercises To Market Yourself In Today's Competitive Environment.
Career Fulfillment - Discover your Personality Pattern with our 2-minute Jungian personality test and read your free Work Life Profile. Provides a simple, 4-question test for your Myers-Briggs type and reports your optimal learning style.


How to cut hair at home

Learn How To Cut Hair At Home With The Beginners Guide To Cutting Hair.
This Ebook Teaches The Simple Steps And Techniques Needed To Cut Hair And Has An Illlustration For Every Cut You Need To Make. Learn how to cut hair properly, giving yourself the skills to save both time and money for the rest of your life. Make your life easier and order today.


How To Become An Outstanding Translator

Learn The Secrets On How To Become A Proficient Freelance Translator In No Time.
Learn how to successfully run your freelance translation business. This book is for anyone contemplating on becoming a translator, or for existing translators that need a concise crash course on their profession.


Work from home and earn money

Work from home as a transcriptionist and start earning money in just 7 days.
You can start working as a general and business transcriptionist almost immediately without wasting time and money on medical transcription training and without having to work two or more years in a hospital.


Teacher Interview Tips

Discover The Secrets Of Changing Your Next Teacher Interview Into A Fulfilling Teaching Career
Get this interview guide now and discover the inside secrets to acing your next teacher interview (after learning how to use the latest teacher specific techniques to find the teaching position you've been looking for).


Personal assistant's handbook

This guide will show steps and techniques to become a working Personal Assistant.
The Essential Handbook For Personal Assistants Is A Nuts And Bolts Guide Covering All Aspects Of How To Become And Work As A Successful Personal Assistant. Learn Insider Secrets, Tips, And Techniques For Landing The Best Jobs and Keeping Yourself Valuable.


Make Dollars As A Paid Tutor

Here Is The Number One Secret To Make Dollars An Hour And More As A Paid Tutor.
If You Want To Know All There Is To Know About How To Tutor For A Living, This Is A Must-Have Resource For You. It Will show you how you can become a successful tutor and earn fourty dollar per hour and more. You'll learn how to get the right experience and references, where to find clients and more.


Success Formulas To Pass CIMA

Learn How To Build A Success Mindset To Pass Your Accounting And Finance Exams.
If You Want To Maximize Your Chances Of Becoming CIMA Qualified Then This Would Be Recommended For You. These Tips Will Be Invaluable For Not Only Your CIMA Qualification And Future Career In Business But Also For Your Life In General. Fast-Forward Your Career And Make More Money Faster Right Now.


Write profitably

InfoProfitz is to build a profitable information business from email marketing,blogging.
Think, Write and Retirea book will show you how to plug into the incredible inspiration, energy and passion that comes from aligning your meaningful work with your true purpose.You can launch an information business with a story,one that's based on your own experience, education or expertise.


Flight attendant jobs

This is a 3-Step System for applying to any flight attendant jobs anywhere in the world.
cs_image_36 presents... Our most comprehensive flight attendant jobs training program in video for new flight attendant applicants ever


Successful Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teaching Helps To Learn The ABC's On How To Be A Successful Substitute Teacher.
How to be a Successful Substitute Teacher has tricks of the trade, tips, suggestions, ideas, advice, procedures, classroom management, and everything that a substitute teacher needs to know, including sub-finder which may be how sub jobs are found in your school district.


Learn How To Cut Hair

start cutting hair like a real even if you have never held a pair of scissors
Learn How To Cut Hair As A Beginner How To Cut Hair For Beginners Secret Method Allowing You To Start Cutting Hair Like a Real Pro, STOP Paying Ridiculous Sums To The Hairdresser's And Actually Get It Right The Next Time


How To Learn Programming

If you want to advance your career to the next level, then this e-course is for you.
Here is the step by step process for building an in-demand, marketable information technology career from scratch without spending a lot of time or money. This handbook uncovers how to start from scratch in your chosen career, get valuable hands-on experience or ace job interviews.


Get Licensed

How to get your CDL the smart way. Go trucking and independent
How I Went From Nothing To A Commercial Drivers License Without Paying Thousands On Trucking School. I Did It And You Can Too. Learn How To Get Your CDL The Smart Way.


Start your own house

Designed this book to help anyone interested in generating their own income.
Our eBook is specifically designed to help anyone interested in generating their own income. This can create a job for an individual for a couple or it can be used to start a full-fledged, multiple employee, housecleaning business.


Directory and guide

Get Into Stunts in the Film Industry. Always wanted to be a stuntman or stuntwoman
Stunt Training, Stunt Performer, Stunt Schools, Stuntman, Stuntwoman, Stunt Career?There are so many different ways to becoming a stunt performer, and this Directory/Guide has all the resources you could ever need to get started. I wish I had something like this back when I started out.


The yacht service bible

At last the yacht service bible Ebook if you are a yacht owner this is the manual.
This book will totally train you from A to Z so that you will be well respected, looked up to, appreciated, admired as the best stew ever. You will know that you have made everyone happy because you anticipated just what they wanted next, before they ever even thought about it.

ebook(r) course teaches on how to become a gentlemens club dj
Heres How to Get Paid, Every Day, While Being Surrounded by Super-Hot WomenIll show you the specific steps to help you get paid to work with exotic dancers And you can Get started in 30 days or less Choose your own schedule Run your own show Live almost anywhere you like AND youll have more time


Become A Firefighter Easily

A Guide For Fire Fighters, Pass Fire Fighting Recruitment Test Easily Now
Discover Exactly What You Need To Do To Get Your Place On The Next Firefighter Recruit Training Course and How You Can Start Towards Your New Career. Everything You Need To Know Including: Firefighter Recruitment Book, Fire Service Aptitude, Firefighter Training And Nutrition And Interview References.


Our Aviation Secrets

Do you know how to get an airline career?
2 Current Airline Training Captains Combine Their Knowledge And Expertise To Develop This Unique Pilot Member Program. Get Insider Access To Tips, Tools, Contacts And Info. You Will Receive Weekly Emails Containing Eclasses and Access To Monthly Webinars.


Become a Notary Public Now

Find The Insider Secrets To Becoming A Successful Mobile Signing Agent.
Massively Informative Ebook As An Excellent Resource To Use For Anyone Wishing To Become A Successful Signing Agent Or Just Wanting To Brush Up On The Latest Trends And Procedures And To Learn How To Dominate The Competition.An Ebook About Notary Public Training And Having A Mobile Notary Business.


Work At Home: Photography

Make Money With Your Photography: Start A Home Business With Our Help
You've been an amateur photographer, perhaps a serious amateur, for some time, and you've fantasized about making a living as a pro photographer, but have no idea how to turn that fantasy into a reality.


Official FAA Pilot License Test

Save Hundreds On Electronic Faa Handbooks, Guides, Test And Pilot Training Materials.
Use this library to pass written tests, to prepare for oral and practical tests, to plan flights, to keep current and to pass bi-annual reviews. Covers Sport, Recreation and Private Certifications. Contains almost 100 electronic handbooks, guides, regulations, bulletins, templates and tools.


Learn To Install Cable T V

Discover how to install your own cable TV and get a job installing cable.
This Guide Will Teach You, Step By Step,On How To Become A Beginner Cable TV Technician Or Installer You Will Learn Inside Tricks Of The Trade To Make Your Life On The Job, Faster And Easier,It Is Easy To Learn How To Install Cabletv In Your Home.


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