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Source for movies online

mymoviepass has the best rates online because we only charge you for your movies.
Upgrade both your home entertainment system and your computers media center with myMoviePass. Download the films that take full advantage of your home theatre. Watch the movies that promise to add a little more drama humor, intrigue, suspense and mystery into your life Get the most from your movies


The Filmmaker Action Pack System

A step-by-step action plan for taking your movie from script to screen.
The Filmmaker Action Pack provide you with a step-by-step action plan for taking your movie from script to screen. Contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of getting your movie made, seen and sold.


Unlimited Movie Downloads

Download Unlimited Full Movies Directly To Your Computer Or Mobile
just choose from any of our titles to download full movies and watch them online. We carry a vast collection of downloadable movies. The movie archive is constantly updated with more movie titles from the classics to new DVD releases. No bandwidth or time limits restrictions.


Quit Your Day Job

Finally- How Actors can Quit Their Day Jobs and make money from Home
This book, you'll finally understand how to Build our Acting Business Without A Day Job and you can live the life you dream about When you buy No More Waiters now, you'll get detailed examples, specific strategies and complete directions to make money without any kind of a job.


Unlimited Movie Downloads

Download Unlimited Full Movies Directly To Your Computer Or Mobile
IMoviesClub showcases benefits that no movie services or cable/satellite companies can offer. Youll grab the chance to watch full movies without any recurring charges or per-download costs. Plus, access to this site is round the clock so you can have limitless fun if you want to.


To be like barney stinson

Barney stinsons skills you will learn in this eBook.
In this book you will learn about barneys lifestyle.their are rules which barney applies to his own life.Legendary Magic TricksDressing AWESOME.Get the Girls' Number. talking like barney it has 51 pages.


The Complete Ear Prompter Book

A System That Allows You To Record Your Script, Play It Back Through A Miniature Ear Piece
The ear prompter is a simple, electronic system that allows you to record your script, play it back through a miniature ear piece and repeat your lines as you hear them.


Master The Art Of Flying Now

Learn to Fly Your Camera With Perfection So You Can Create EPIC Wedding.
learn How to properly position the camera on the device, How to adjust vertical and horizontal balance so you can achieve perfect drop time, How to achieve perfect walking and running shots, Techniques for avoiding drastic movements during drops and releases And More.


Film making

Make independent films a resource for information about film production with low budget.
This book contains all of the best methods and techniques that I have learned from working on five of my own and many other people's independent films. It is called how to make a movie with a very, very, low budget and it is a guide to independent filmmaking with limited resources.


Make Your Own Cartoons

Learn how to make your own professional looking, television quality cartoons in only two weeks
Would you like to have your own cartoon in as little as 2 weeks? Discover everything yo need to create your own professional looking, television quality animated cartoons easily...


Film funding system

Film finance guide.To help you raise money for your movies and avoid some of my mistakes.
Film Finance Guide. This film funding system allows you to sketch out a simple strategy for finding and getting money from investors so you can make your movie With the Film Finance Guide, you will get a real world, simple, bullet proof strategy for getting money from investors.


Acting course

Acourse for all actors who can build their own acting classes at home with acting techniques.
The Home Acting Course gives a complete foundation for acting,from home.This method,based in human interaction, offers a platform upon which an actor may evolve their own unique way of working.To build their own unique style of acting.An extensive course consisting of literature and audio components.


No-budget Film Making Kit

The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit Updated 4/11/2010, Higher Commision Affiliates Visit
No Budget Filmmaking Tutorial Kit, the ultimate training guide on how to make a movie for little to no money.I was once an aspiring filmmaker just like you. My parents paid thousands of dollars to send me to film school. About halfway through, I came to a realization..


Secret of succes as an actor

The Secret of Your Success as an Actor, E-Book , by Tula Tzoras
THE SECRET OF YOUR SUCCESS AS AN ACTOR will inspire you to reach for your Dream to be an Actor and have the life you Love You will learn about Casting Process, Industry, Theatre, Television, Film and Film Making, Commercials and Creative Projects, apart from maintaining a healthy life balance.


Commercial Acting Workshops

The Secrets To Becoming A Successful Commercial Actor Is Revealed In Here.
In this comprehensive eBook, author pulls back the veil and tells you what you really need to know to be successful. Its time to take control of your career.


Find An Acting Agent Easily

Learn The Secrets To Finding An Agent Plus Access To Powerful Bonuses.
This Is A Step-by-step Workshop Showing Actors and Models Exactly How To Find, Hire and Manage An Agent. do the exact same methods use to find agents to WORK FOR you. it will also be able to help highlight several actual agents to all of those who want to succeed in the acting and modeling industry.


Film Festival Success Guide

Quick And Easy Guide System To Make Filmmakers Achieve Success In Film Festivals.
This Book Will Shows You All The Steps You Need To Make Your Film Successful In Film Festivals Worldwide. In Depth Information About Before, During And After The Festival Process. You Will Learn Secrets Of How To Save Lots Of Money While Still Preparing An Outstanding Presentation Of Your Film.


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