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Experience god's presence

Experience God's Presence by Repentance with Joy
Receive and abide in the presence of God by understanding with your mind, AND by teaching your heart to think differently about earthly things and about your being able to freely receive the presence of God by believing He is drawing near, because of His grace


Secrets of the Masons

Secret Oaths and Ceremonies of the Masons-- Finally Exposed
In the 223 pages of Masonic Secrets Revealed, you will find answers to all of your questions about the Masons' rituals, ceremonies, symbols, meanings, degrees with stations and duties, beliefs and religious commitments, organizational structure, principles, morality, activities, and much, much more.


Daily Christian Affirmations

Bible affirmations with personalized affirmations and scriptures.
Change Your Life For The Better By Replacing Old Negative Beliefs and Self Sabotaging Thought Patterns With New, Positive, Powerful, True and All Conquering Christ-Like Thinking. Light and Easy Yet Incredibly Uplifting Reading.


Bible study

This contains 52 model questions to improve your teaching effectiveness than anything.
Good questions help people learn, because they challenge our minds. Great questions lead to excellent group discussion, get people engaged, and get them thinking.


Retirement Bible Study

Learn What The Bible Says About Retirement and How To Make Your Retirement Life Truly Everlasting.
In Retirement Roots you can discover the best of what God has in store for you. Create a more personal and meaningful Christian Retirement Plan that can improve your everyday life right away.


A Daily Bible Devotional Resources

Read a chapter a day from the bible's book of the revelation or hebrews.
Typeset For Classroom, Homeschool, And Personal Usage Are Devotionals On Hebrews And The Revelation, An Old Testament Activity Book, The Basics Bible Lessons, Bible Word Searches And A Color-a-verse Coloring Workbook. Only The King James Bible Is Used


Hell Really Exists

Download powerful hell, satan and demons ebook now, read it tonight, and then put it to work
What does the Bible teach about us? Have we only a body? Do we also have a spirit and soul? What does it mean that man is created in the image of God? Are the soul and spirit the same? What are the parts of the soul? What are the parts of the spirit? Is the spirit eternal? Why do we need a spirit?


Becoming gods masterpiece

Discover how to invite heavenly father into your life and shape his own work of art.
The Christian Ebook Thats Been Called a Personal Answer To A Cry From The Heart. Includes Bible Study Workbook, Guided Prayer Journal And Scripture Meditation Cards. Help Christians Deepen Their Relationship With God.


Youth Ministry Resources

Youth Ministry Resources And Bible Lessons For Your Middle School, High School, Teen Ministry. is a website dedicated to providing youth ministry resources. For a youth leader, this site is a goldmine of information. To be able to access their resources, all you have to do is sign-up as a member for a certain fee, of course.


Student Ministry Ebook

14 top student ministry leaders reveal what they did do if they had to start again
This Ebook Contains Interviews From 14 Top Student Ministry Leaders Who Reveal What Theyd Do If They Had To Start All Over Again. From Scratch.This is only ONE small point from 7 of the contributors. All 14 leaders go in more depth to answer the 4 questions about creating a lasting student ministry.


Preach Powerful Sermons

Step-by-step,26-week training program for planning,constructing and preaching sermons.
Learn The Principles Of Constructing And Presenting Powerful Sermons By Making Use Of The African American Preaching Tradition. This 6 Month Course Will Provide Audio, Text, And Video Lessons That Will Allow You To Take Your Sermons To The Next Level.


Guide For Jewish Holiday Plan

Discover The Secrets On How To Organize The Major Jewish Holidays.
Wish You Could Be More Organized Before Each Jewish Holiday? Now You Can The Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection Holds Your Hand Through The Process Of Making Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Purim And Pesach, Perfectly Organized.


Church Building Guide

Learn The Information For A Church Building Program Before You Engage The Architect Or A Builder.
Preparing to Build is a church building guide of nearly 200 pages of real-world practical information and church building guidelines information to prepare for a church building program before you engage the architect, builder, or banker.


Bible Study Course

Welcome to the teaching pages study books section of the teaching pages book shop
This Series Takes You From Your Beginnings As A Spiritual Babe In Christ Onwards To Being Spiritually Mature In Christ And Is Made Available In Easy To Print Format As Well As Easy To Read As A PDF Format.


Baptism for children

Joeys baptism is guide to prepare your children for their own baptism.
Joeys Baptism is a downloadable ebook in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.Joeys Baptism provides young believers with solid Biblical teaching about the purpose of baptism in the Christian life. It puts big concepts in child-level terms to make baptism a meaningful and memorable ceremony for children.


Guided Faith

Learn How To Develop Your Faith In A Higher Being.
Learn How To Develop Your Faith In A Higher Being. Created By Master Hypnotist Steve G. Jones. More Products At - Http://


Untold Secrets Internet Marketing

Discovers The Internet Marketing Secrets The Pros Dont Want You To Know
The Untold Secrets Of Internet Marketing insights about cleanly designed pages, usability problems, monitoring and tracking and many more


How To Pray Effectively

Learn how you can avoid the pain and frustration from prayers not granted
INTRODUCING Ready, Aim, Pray, an ebook and audiobook on how to make your prayers more powerful and effective. Learn how you can avoid the pain and frustration from prayers not granted


Myles munroe media vault

This provides resources to help individuals live an effective Christian life.
Now, you can access the very same teachings, principles and resources that have changed the lives of millions and have been the foundation of world renowned Speaker, Teacher and Pastor Dr. Myles Munroe.


How to attain inner peace

Learn lord Ganesha's 9 sacred secrets to ensure success in wisodm and wealth.
The Ganesha Experience extracts the best secrets of wisdom and wealth the secrets of inner peace and actual success. It is this balance of wisdom and wealth that is the key reason Ganesha continues to be revered as Lord of Success and Remover of Obstacles for over 1,700 years


Maximize Your Teaching Potential

A simple, comprehensive system for teaching that you can use until Jesus calls you home
This will show you a system for preparing and delivering powerful Bible lessons a system that improved the teaching of thousands of people over the world. It's a step-by-step process that can be used for any type lessons, from any part of the Bible, for any students that God provides for you to teach.


The Amazing Healing discoveries

This program will teach you how to claim your healing through faith in Jesus Christ.
This book proves it is Gods will to heal you and teaches you how to apply the truth to your life.This is the powerful truths that have cured thousands of people in over forty countries around the world. You will learn in a few pages what many Bible school students have spent years studying.


Discover Your Angels

Discover The Many Ways Your Life Will Change When You Know How To Work With Your Guardian Angels
Discover the many ways your life will change when you know how to work with your guardian angels This Guardian Angel course is for men and women who realize the magnificent benefits they will get from learning how to communicate with their Guardian Angels.

Resources for solid catholic formation and spiritual growth.the beginners guide
The Catholic Church has a ton of great ways to help you grow closer to Christ. (That's why it exists) But the Church is like an enormous library: The answers you need can be hard to find.I'll make sure it's faithful information, too. The articles here contain solid references and other sources.


Desireless Abundance

Experience Overflowing Abundance, Success and Prosperity In all Areas of your Life
Desireless Abundance Using the power of your Soul Know how to connect with the source of all abundance and many more


Teach With Power

Sabbath School Powerpoint Presentations you can make your sabbath school class interesting
You dont need to be expert in using PowerPoint program in order to have a professionally-designed and captivating presentations. With our ready-made downloadable Sabbath School Lesson PowerPoint presentations, you will have a very satisfying and rewarding experience in your Sabbath School class.


Accurate Understanding Of The Torah

Find What You Have Been Missing In Your Bible Studies
Discover The Proven Learning System That Will Help You Get A More Accurate Understanding Of The Torah In The Original Hebrew And Find What You Have Been Missing In Your Bible Studies


Christian Guided Meditations

Christian Guided Meditations To Help You Slow Down And Savor God's Word.
Are You Getting All The Mindful Worship Meditations You Want? Become A Premium Member Of Mindful Worship And Receive Instant Access To All Christian Guided Meditations So, What Are You Waiting For? Join Now And Start Enjoying The Benefits Of The Mindful Worship


Last Minute Preacher and rsquo;s Guide

Don and rsquo;t copy, use this resource to create sermons in less time.
You have completed your sermon. But What do you name it? Immediately Available Sherman Haywood Cox gives you a simple method to title your sermon.


Victorious Network.

Online resources for victorious christian to keep getting hurt in a church
The network devoted to victorious Christian living. Christian resources, online books, articles, audio, world-wide prayer chain, ministry placement service, encyclopedia of Christian links, and much more


Quranic Bridges To Christ

Learn to carefully and purposefully use the Quran as a bridge to Christ and the Bible.
Learn To Carefully And Purposefully Use The Quran As A Bridge To Christ And The Bible. This Is A Working Body Of Field Tested Knowledge. Build Upon The Muslim View Of Jesus, And Lead Men Across The Various Verses, Or Bridges, From The Quran To Christ.


Secrets To Spiritual Invasion

Here Is A Workers Manual For Dealing With Spiritual Invasion And Control.
Most People Realize There Is Great Evil In This World As Believers We Have Been Given A Power And Authority Greater Than That Of Our Enemy. This Manual Details The Use Of That Power And Authority To Provide Deliverance Against Demonic Oppression.


St. Joseph E-Book Prayers

This is a collection of least known but powerful prayers to St. Joseph.
Prayers which not a lot of people know about and yet they are efficacious ways to merit the patronage of this wondrous saint. There are various prayers which one could use to honor St. Joseph.


Real Agenda Of The Illuminati

One Of The Most Shocking Reports On The Real Agenda Of The Illuminati.
It Is S A Five Part Report Produced In Partnership With One Of The Most Controversial Conspiracy Researchers Of All Time. Even Those Who Are Seasoned In Understanding The Sign Of The Times Will Find This Report Enlightening In Understanding The Agenda And Much More.


Make Religions For Goodness

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Succeed At Interfaith Dialogue.
This Includes Everything You Need To Know About Inter-Religious Relations And How To Make Them Productive. Comprehensive Ebook Shows You How To Build Bridges Between Conflicting Religions. Finally Someone Has Shown How The World Religions Can Work Together For The Common Good. It's About Time


Using The Internet For God

You can learn how to inexpensively write a Christian book and distribute it around the world.
Christian owner of an Internet marketing company has put together this easy to use guide about how to use the Internet simply and powerfully to get the word out about important Christian products, services, causes and messages. From this eBook you'll learn how to: Put together an inexpensive web site, write compelling written sales copy, techniques that professional Internet marketers use and many more.


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