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A Guide To Concealed Carry

An Absolute Guide, Describes The Methods To Carry A Concealed Handgun.
A Beginner's Guide To Getting Started With Concealed Weapon. You Will Discover Everything You Need To Know To Find And Choose The Right Carry Options For You. Over 65 Pages With Full Colour Photos, Helps You To Save Time And Money In Selecting The Right Weapon.


Are You Safe In Your Home?

Are You Ready To Learn The Secret Techniques To Keep Your Family And Home Safe?
It Will Show You How To Keep Criminals Far Away From Your Home By Using Their Secret Techniques Against Them. You Can Save Yourself And Your Loved Ones In Life-Threatening Situations. Just Apply The Info And You Will Have Safety, Protection, And Peace Of Mind.


Spec Ops Shooting

The only program for the rabid American gun shooting market.
The only program for the rabid American gun shooting market. Decorated Green Beret reveals 3 simple hacks to instantly improve your shooting accuracy.


The survival mom eBook

You will learn how to disarm and take down any attacker - even if you have zero fighting experience.
You will learn how to disarm and take down any attacker - even if you have zero fighting experience.


Real Life Self Defense

This gives you a practical step by step blueprint to rapidly develop mental strength
World Renowned US Tactical Trainer Shows You The Exact Same Mind Strengthening Techniques He's Used To Train Agents From The Fbi And Dea To Law Enforcement, So You Too Can Become Tough As Nails And Achieve Peak Performance During Any Situation.


Patriot's Self Defence

How to protect your loved ones from Multiple out-Of-Control assailants.
This is a Cut-The-Crap, Down-And-Dirty fighting method designed to defeat your opponent in the easiest way possible Even under the worst conditions imaginable and end the fight in Seconds


Self-Defense Knife Tool

The Valois Ssd-90 Knife Belt Might Be Most Valuable Survival and Self-defense Tool Ever Invented.
The Valois Ssd-90 Knife Belt Might Be Most Valuable Survival And Self-defense Tool Ever Invented. The Dan Valois Self Defense And Survival Belt Free Plus Shipping


Va assisted living help

How the va helps veterans pay for their assisted living
Are You A Wartime Veteran? Or The Surviving Spouse Of A Wartime Veteran? Do You Need Assisted Living Care? Many veterans whose lives have been dramatically improved by receiving this government benefit. This is a benefit that the veteran earned by his service during World war II.


Self defense

Learn the special moves and overcome face to face attackers in seconds.
An e-book that details step-by-step explanations, accompanied by pictures that beautifully capture and demonstrate each and every move. The e-book itself is a step-by-step guide to the exact moves that appear in the video movies.


Firearms, Concealed Carry, Survival

Legally Concealed Courses - Firearms, Concealed Carry, Survival.
Legally Concealed brings you the hardest-hitting book to date on the reality of a violent encounter, how to survive it, and to keep on living after it. This book is everything that shooting and self-defense instructors don't readily tell you but you absolutely have to know.


Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

Learn How to Fight Quickly and Easily with the Brutal
A Comprehensive Self Defense Guide That Teaches Fast, Powerful and Ruthless Tactics That Work. 318 Pages and Over 270 Photos Detailing A Complete System Of Self Defense From A Reality Street Fighting Perspective. Well Written Sales Page and Video Sales Pitch. Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Muay Thai Fighting.


Women's Self-defense Video Course

Learn simple but effective techniques in less than 14 days even though you are a complete beginner. Practice at home, outdoors and unsupervised at any time. You will feel self-confident and secure in any situation


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