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Math riddle worksheet book

They include a series of high-interest math worksheets that students love.
In the Math Riddle Book, when kids complete a set of Math problems, they'll be able to decode the answer to a laugh-out-loud riddle. With Secret Code Math, kids will use a picture-symbol key to decode Math problems.


101 Easy Science Projects.

Downloadable e-book with step By step instructions for lots of easy science projects
This book contains over 100 science experiments that are geared for grades K to 12. Yesthe classic egg in the bottle and the erupting volcano are here, but youll find many, many more fun and educational projects that are easy to do with ordinary household items.


South African History

Learn about the people of South Africa.
Printable Lapbooking Projects About Various People Groups And Eras In The History Of South Africa Including The San, The Dutch, The French Huguenots, The 1820 Settlers, The Isixhosa, The Zulu, The Great Trek, The South African War And More.


Science fair projects

This ebook that provides clear and relevant guidelines. It will guide you and your child.
Here's a checklist to help gauge your understanding of what a science project entails.Do you know how judges grade projects? Do you know what they look out for?What are the rules for displaying a project?Is it necessary to perform an experiment? (Can you do a project without an experiment?).


Relativity 4 Engineers.

E-book On Relativity And Cosmology, Written For Engineers By An Engineer.
The eBook Relativity 4 Engineers, written for engineers by an engineer. Buy the eBook Relativity 4 Engineers eBook for just 4c per page, each packed with interesting engineering views on relativity and cosmology


Systematic inventive thinking

A revolutionary creative-thinking method, will lead step-by-step from deadlocks.
Boost your creative thinking skills, advance your career and improve your financial standing. All this can be done in the comfort of your office or home with our unique ASIT online courses.


Get Secret Study Skills

With this, you'll learn strategies you can use to score higher than 90 in any subject easily.
Ultimate Study Secrets will teach you how to focus your mind while preparing for exams, how to grasp large volumes of information, how to clear your mind and focus while anwering questions and more. You'll also get tools on advanced memory techniques, time management, self-confidence and others.


Timesavers For Teachers

Motivate your students to begin writing by giving them 1000 writing ideas and prompts.
1000 Quick Writing Ideas contains 1000 practical, journal and creative writing prompts for students who struggle with inventing their own. This teacher resource also includes ready-to-use, reproducible language worksheets and often-used forms for writing.


Myths in Easy French

Add a little fsl drama with easy plays of Greek and First Nations myths.
Watch your students become fully engaged in learning when given materials that are familiar as well as easy to read. Oral participation becomes fun and less threatening when the simple play scripts are used for classroom skits, puppets or dressed up for stage presentations.


Facts About Jamaica

Intriguing, insightful and thrilling facts about Jamaica.
Intriguing, insightful and thrilling facts about Jamaica. Don't miss them in this exciting little e-book The truth is, there are some really AMAZING things about this our little country that admittedly, being a proud and patriotic Jamaican, I was a little embarrassed to have just found out.


Learn That Language Now

Want the quickest, fastest method to learn a foreign language? Read now
A step-by-step blueprint to help you get on the fast-track to fluency. Detailed instructions so all the guess-work is taken out of the equation.


Ces books and plays

Play scripts and teachers manuals in ebook format for use in the classroom and at home.
The comprehensive teachers guide for teaching any curriculum objective at any grade level using the visual and performing arts is just a click away. Read the best book on arts in education.


LNH atomic model

This take science to the next level of understanding of the greatest mysteries of the universe
Revolutionary Atomic Model. Secrets of the Periodic Table of Elements, Isotopes and Allotropes finally revealed. Astounding implications for Science and Engineering. Global environmental, energy solutions.


Successful Classroom Teaching

Become an effective teacher and save your valuable time and energy.
The Stress-Free Way to Impact Your Students For Life and Reignite Your Passion for Teaching Almost Overnight. How to use circle time to build classroom rapport and teamwork skills. How to prevent inappropriate behaviors before they begin.


The Coral Castle Explained

Learn how Ed built not one, but two coral castles by moving and manipulating coral
In Homestead, Florida, there is a little known enigmatic structure that has captured the imagination of millions of people over the last 70 years. It is called The Coral Castle.The Coral Castle is an 1100 ton structure made of coral. Here you can see several of the interior structures .


Math tutorials collection

The easy to understand math tutorials Collection
Great For School, Homeschool, Adults. Contains Illustrated Topic Explanations, Worked Answers, Tips And Techniques. 5000 Copies Sold Instant Access E-books, 1200 Pages, Plus A Free Poster


Speeches for Principals

Lost for words? Our book of speeches will solve your problem
The speeches have been compiled and presented in such a way that guarantees to considerably reduce the preparation time necessary for a good speech. It not only has a myriad of great speeches that are specific to wide range of educational contexts, but it is jam-packed with great stories and examples.


A Classroom Management Plan

This provides different resources for the teacher struggling to manage and motivate students.
This powerful simple classroom management training will cut your behavior problems in half in a matter of days. This stop disruptive behavior before it disrupts your teaching and get your class silent in a moment without raising your voice. Also get students to listen to every time you speak.


Directmath software

Mathematical word processor and drawing program to solve computer algebra systems.
DirectMath makes use of a powerful pattern matching system to anticipate the calculation you want to perform, so you don't have to learn a programming language or wade through menus to get your work done.


Online Order Management

Were always keeping tabs on consumer behavior, gaining insights into how people int
The road to the future is paved with change. Without the right strategy, it could prove to be a bumpy ride. Technology is emerging at lightning speeds. People are finding new and faster ways to connect with the world around them. Consumers are in control and have become increasingly fickle about


Abc Fun and 1-2-3

Gentle, age-appropriate activities Literature rich preschool program
From this e-book your children will learn the alphabet through the use of fun-filled activities and real life experiences that will stimulate their interest. You and your child will enjoy the lessons and have fun working together.


Secret code math ebook

Secret code math covers skills from most areas and helps kids to solve problems easily.
Secret Code Math is a set of fun, printable worksheets for kids. Use the symbol key to decode the math problems, then solve Great for practicing multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.


Preschool Kids Learning Pack

The Best Preschool Teaching and Learning Package Ever Easy Teaching and Resources For Parents
The Best Preschool Teaching and Learning Package Ever Over 100 Quality Professional Teaching Tools and Games To Teach Kids Learn Counting, Numbers, Learn Ab cs, Learn To Print, Learn Letters, Word Recognition, Preschool Art, Science, Videos Etc..


Strategic planning

Strategic planning for schools is a school specific toolkit which leads user through.
We offer a STEP-BY-STEP process for you to use in your school to develop a strategic plan that works. We provide you with questions for 360 degree surveys, questions for focus groups, templates for writing up your plan and much more.


eTeach - A teacher Resource

Eliminate classroom management problems forever
Discover the Simple Teaching Strategies You Can Use (Right Now) To Eliminate Classroom Management Problems Forever


52 Teaching Tips

Get an arsenal of effective teaching strategies at your fingertips
52 teaching tips will provide you with simple teaching tips that you can easily apply to your very next class. You can post them in your classroom, and pass them around to other teachers, but most importantly, you can start applying them and increase class participation and academic achievement.


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