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Choosing an Autoresponder to Build Your List

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One of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to building your list is which autoresponder company you want to go with. There are many of them out there, but they are certainly not created equal.

There are also autoresponder scripts you can set up on your own host. Many people are attracted to these because there is no monthly fee and they feel like they will have more power over their messages and settings. However, you should probably stay away from these scripts as they’re usually more trouble than they’re worth!

For one thing, there is the technical hassle of setting them up in the first place. Beyond that, some of the scripts are unreliable, which can really harm your business. You should also be aware that the autoresponder companies usually have relationships with the e-mail providers. These scripts can have a higher chance of getting caught in the spam filters — which can destroy your business before you even get started.

You probably don’t relish the idea of starting a monthly subscription, but it will more than pay for itself! Going with a reliable autoresponder company is one of the best things you can do as an Internet marketer.

aWeber, Get Response, and E-mail Aces are the most commonly cited among Internet marketers. Out of the three of these, aWeber is the most popular. That’s because they have a great reputation and reasonable prices. No matter which of these you choose, you will probably be very happy with it!

Beyond choosing an autoresponder, you need to get familiar with the interface. Most companies you go with will allow you to have unlimited lists and will help you organize them. A good company will also give you statistics about things like your open rates, and which links were clicked. aWeber now has advanced tracking, which can certainly help you figure out how to craft your messages in the future.

A huge concern when you’re sending out autoresponder e-mails is getting caught in spam filters. When you’re in a spam filter, the chances of people seeing your message are very slim! That’s why you need to make sure the e-mails you send out will pass the spam filters. That is another service that the top auto responder companies provide for you. They will let you know how likely your e-mail is to be flagged.

Make it your mission today to choose the right autoresponder company, so you can start putting it to work for you!

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