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7 Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Strategies

The classic fairy tale Snow White is an old story that’s been around for many years. Most adults can still recall the names of the seven dwarfs. Each dwarf had a name that in some way embodied his personality or some characteristic of his (such as Grumpy and Sneezy).

We remember them because the names were unique. Would they have stood out as much if they had names like Dick, Henry, John, etc.? No. The uniqueness is what made their names stick in our minds.

It’s the uniqueness of your direct mail marketing campaign strategies that will get your product to stay in the minds of your customers and cause them to want to make a move. Try these 7 strategies and see if they don’t improve your response rate:

1. Change the traditional. If you use envelopes, go for the unique. Use the same kind of envelopes used in invitations rather than plain old boring envelopes. Better yet, use a small, flat box. This won’t cost nearly as much as you think it will thanks to bulk mailing.

But if you have a new business and can’t afford to send out boxes to your entire list, then select a few to send it to as a test market and check your rate of response to see if it’s worth it.

You can also send out your content in a mailing tube. Just because the size and shape is different, people will open it. To really grab their attention, include a sample or something they can use with your logo or name and contact information on it (like a keychain, a calendar or a pen).

2. Pretend it’s you getting the mailing. What was it that caught your eye first? That’s the same thing that will catch your customer’s eye and that’s the area you want to play up.

Colors draw the eye. For example – if you have black words on a white background, but off to the left side, there’s a red box, then that box is going to draw the eye. What’s in that box needs to be an important point in your campaign.

3. Give the customer some surety. Not just a guarantee. If you want to show them how to make $1,000 a week, where’s the proof? Write your ad copy right over the top of a payment invoice you received or right on top of a check you received.

Nothing works wonders like a customer being able to see that you can back up what you’re saying. If you don’t want to reveal invoices or checks due to privacy concerns, then use stationary printed in various denominations of money.

4. Make every word of your copy count. Don’t use only complete sentences in your copy. Ever. That’s boring. Not to mention it’ll make the customer stop reading. Save the exclamation points for the high school kids!!! They make the writing seem hyped up. Don’t use HUGE FONT and then small font. Leave out the boring parts.

5. Add a lump or two. If you have to use a plain envelope for the sake of your budget, put something in the envelope that lumps it up. Wondering what’s inside will cause the customer to open it. A refrigerator magnet or keychain will do the trick.

6. Don’t be invisible. Adding your picture to your marketing campaign personalizes it – and when people associate a photo with a product or service, they’re more likely than not to buy because it builds trust.

7. Consumers want to know what else the offer holds. Make your offer have multiple results. For a hair loss product aimed at men, that would be something like, “Get hair. Get the girl. Get happier.”

There are many roads you can take to have a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Just remember to be as unique as you possibly can with the budget that you have to work with.

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