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Become an Image Consultant

Become an Image Consultant FabJob Guide to Become an Image Consultant Get Paid to Help People Look Fabulous Imagine having an exciting high paying job showing people and companies how to make a fabulous impression. In the FabJob Guide to Become an Image Consultant you will discover: How to do image consultations and advise people […]

Bistro Restaurant Business Plan

Business Plan for Your Bistro Restaurant Create the documents and spreadsheets you need to manage your bistro restaurant business.

Become a Kitchen Store Owner

Become a Kitchen Store Owner! Start Your Own Kitchen Store Business.

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As a Virtual Assistant, Who Is Your Ideal Client?

by Lisa Taliga Do ideal clients really exist or are they a myth? Let me assure you, there ARE ideal clients out there. You just need to know what your definition of one is. Since I started my home-based business, I’ve had ideal clients and others that weren’t so great. Believe me, your clients will […]

Article Marketing for Promoting Your Own Info Products

Using article marketing for promoting your own info products is a widely underused tool but one that’s highly effective at directing traffic. When talking about marketing by the use of articles, there’s an assumption that it’s basically for affiliate marketers. While it’s true that many successful affiliate marketers do tap into the power of using […]

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

by Rosalind Gardner Back when my online business consisted ONLY of affiliate sites, I had no need for a personal assistant. The sites were all in place, and my affiliated merchants handled everything related to orders. Last week, one of my clients mentioned that he was moving AWAY from selling his own products to promoting […]

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How To Start and Operate Your Own Firewood Supply Business

Unpredictable fuel costs and the necessity of keeping warm in the winter have resulted in “boom sales” for manufacturers of wood-burning stoves. There has also been a return to the use of the fireplace as a form of supplementary heat and as a luxury that promotes the “cozy” atmosphere sought after by both middle class […]

How To Start Your Own Day Care Center

There’s a definite need for day care centers as more and more mothers of pre-school age children are forced to find jobs outside the home. This is due in part to the current economy, and unfortunately, to the high divorce rate, which means mothers who might ordinarily stay at home and care for their own […]

Your Own Products Can Make You Rich

by J. Stephen Pope Although there are advantages to selling other people’s products and services, there are also drawbacks. For example, the lack of exclusive rights to your own proprietary product can mean that you are just one of thousands selling the same thing. Excessive competition can cause you to drop your prices and to […]

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